The Flames of Rebellion, Licking at Your Door

The Feb. 27, 2006, edition of Bacon’s Rebellion has been published. Columns include:

Seek the Intersection
Innovation can be managed, says Frans Johansson, author of “The Medici Effect.” And what individuals and enterprises can do, so can entire communities.
by James A. Bacon

What’s the Big Idea?
The people at Play don’t just talk creativity — they live it. When they advise clients to tear down “walls” and “boundaries,” they apply the nostrum to themselves — quite literally.
by James A. Bacon

The Special Session Is Now
The outline of a compromise on transportation funding is coming dimly into view: Some new funds now, a full-fledged plan later (maybe).
by Doug Koelemay

Legislation by Extortion
The state Senate is enacting spending programs predicated on taxes that haven’t been passed yet. Will Chichester & Co. get their way again by threatening another government shut-down?
by Patrick McSweeney

Standing up for Property Rights
The House of Delegates has passed legislation that will protect property owners from unjust takings. Unfortunately, the Senate’s version of the bill could do more harm than good.
by Patrick McSweeney

Goldman Silenced? I Doubt It
Paul Goldman hasn’t revealed his plans since resigning as Doug Wilder’s senior policy advisor. But you can count on one thing from the master political tactician: He’ll be back!
by Steven Sisson

$650 Million in Hiding
There is a lot more new money for transportation projects than commonly realized — if lawmakers would only count it!
by Michael Thompson

Red State Blues
Obsessed with raising taxes, Republican leaders in the state Senate risk transforming Virginia into a blue state — and losing their majority status in the bargain.
by Philip Rodokanakis

Stop Me Before I Tax Again
Not content with imposing a record tax increase in 2004, Virginia’s Imperial Senate proposes outdoing its meager effort with another, even bigger round.
by Jim Bowden

Little Boy Blue
Like the fabled farm boy who fell asleep while the farm animals ran wild, Virginia voters appear oblivious to out-of-control state spending — potentially 36 percent in just four years.
by Peter Ferrara

Nice & Curious Questions:
Branded Restrooms: What’s Next for Virginia’s Rest Stops?
by Edwin S. Clay III and Patricia Bangs

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  1. Will Vehrs Avatar

    Too bad Matt Erskine didn’t try or wasn’t in a position to do anything about creativity or tearing down walls when he was in state government.

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