Experts Pulled Six-Foot Social Distance Rule Out Of “Thin Air”

by Kerry Dougherty

Hmmm. Looks like the CDC — and the frequently wrong-but-never-in-doubt Dr. Fauci — have a problem.

Even The New York Times now admits what those of us who have been paying attention for more than year already knew: That three feet of social distancing provides plenty of protection against Covid-19 and six feet is overkill.

In a story headlined “Three Feet Or Six? Distance Guidelines For Schools Stir Debate,” a number of learned people pointed out that the World Health Organization has always recommended one meter (roughly three feet) of distance to protect against the spread of viruses. Yet for some reason, Fauci, The Scarf and company decreed six feet. By doing so they deprived American school children of a year or more of school.

But how does the CDC reverse course and tell schools to reopen with three feet of distancing without admitting that the six-foot “rule” they shoved own our throats for more than a year was based on, well, a combination of guesswork, pseudoscience and possibly voodoo?

Their spin doctors must be working overtime to come up with some following-the-science explanation that won’t trigger a blind rage in parents whose kids have been sitting at home for a year because social distancing rules like the unworkable ones Gov. Ralph Northam’s presented last summer guaranteed public schools couldn’t reopen.

Placing desks six feet apart meant most public schools had to remain virtual.

Beyond that, there was the school bus problem. Requiring six feet of distancing on vehicles meant that a bus that could normally carry 77 pint-sized passengers could now carry only 13.

How could thousands of kids get to school riding in their own yellow limos?

They couldn’t.

“It never struck me that six feet was particularly sensical in the context of mitigation,” said Dr. Ashish Jha, dean of the Brown University School of Public Health. “I wish the C.D.C. would just come out and say this is not a major issue.”

No doubt they’d like to come out and say it isn’t an issue now that they’ve seen the fruits of their arbitrary rules: suicides, mental illness, increases in child abuse and widespread academic failure due to closed schools. Problem is, how do they do that without issuing a giant mea culpa?

A virologist from Virginia Tech was even more blunt:

“The origin of the six-foot distancing recommendation is something of a mystery. ‘It’s almost like it was pulled out of thin air,’ said Linsey Marr, an expert on viral transmission at Virginia Tech University.”

Pulled out of thin air.

Chew on that for a minute while you consider the harm that has come to a generation of school children because of the conceit of public health “experts.”

The Times reported that in a study of Massachusetts school children researchers found that “social distancing strategy had no statistically significant effect on Covid-19 case rates.”

Someone ought to go to prison for what’s been done to American kids over the past 12 months.

Instead, people like Northam take a victory lap around the commonwealth a full year after schools closed, celebrating the fact that only about 19% of Virginia’s public schools have full, in-person learning.

He and the other shut-the-schools governors ought to be ashamed. What they did to children is grotesque.

Open the damn schools now. Worry about face-saving measures later.