Elections Matter

by Kerry Dougherty

There are lots of one-issue voters out there. Until the COVID pandemic I wasn’t one of them.

This year and for the rest of my life I will vote against any candidate who supported unconstitutional lockdowns, school closures, curfews and vaccine mandates.

If I were a Democrat. I’d be horrified that the DeSantis for Governor campaign in Florida was able to produce this powerful campaign ad:

“You let me go to school.”

“You let us learn.”

“You saved our business.”

The best part? It’s truthful. DeSantis withstood blistering criticism from autocratic and wrongheaded public health officials in Washington to keep his state open.

It would have been far easier to cave as other governors did.

I remember when Ron DeSantis — the lone voice of sanity — announced that youth sports would go on as usual in spring of 2020. This was a time when they were stupidly arresting surfers in Malibu, closing playgrounds in New York and Virginians weren’t allowed to sit on our beaches.

The governor of Florida simply said kids needed to be outside and exercising. If parents didn’t agree, of course, they were free to keep their children home. Common sense over fear. What a concept!

While other governors enacted nutty rule after nutty rule — anyone else remember when we weren’t allowed to play volleyball or toss a football on the beach? — DeSantis ignored the fearmongers and Fauci worshippers and kept Floridians working. It wasn’t long before New Yorkers, Michiganders and Californians were migrating to the Sunshine State and governors like Gretchen Whitmer were secretly traveling there.

What does the other side have to say for itself?

This sort of inanity:

Yep, public health officials continue to treat Americans like idiots.

Every Republican candidate should be on the offensive, demanding that their opponents answer for lockdowns, mandates and school closures. Place the blame for the cataclysmic drop in test scores where it belongs: on Democrats.

Make them defend the insanity of the past two years.

Guess what? They can’t.

This column has been republished with permission from Kerry: Unemployed & Unedited.