Crack Open a Fresh One. It’s Rebellion Time!

The May 5, 2008, edition of Bacon’s Rebellion is now available online. (To make sure you don’t miss future issues, click here.)

Here’s what on tap:

Second Battle of Fredericksburg
A Yankee invader… er, investor… wants $30 million in incentives to build a giant waterpark in Fredericksburg. Local foes say they are fighting to save the city’s tax base — and its soul.
by James A. Bacon

The Beltway to Easter Island
Like the Eastern Islanders who built the big-eared moia, the engineers of the well-treed Capital Beltway are oblivious to the signs of impending ecological collapse
by EM Risse

Stretching the Highway Dollar
We can get more mileage out of transportation spending by prioritizing congestion relief, using performance-based planning and outsourcing maintenance.

by Len Gilroy

Mountain Women Die Younger
A national study shows females in poor areas like Radford and Pulaski have diminished life expectancies. Poor diet and lack of insurance are likely culprits.

by Peter Galuszka

Throwaway Lives
We know that public health in Appalachia is a national disgrace. We don’t need more studies. We need to teach young people to take control of their own health.

by Frank Kilgore

A Modest Proposal
Think of all the pressing problems we could solve — climate change, traffic congestion, parking meters — if we required city employees to walk, bike or ride the bus to work.

by Marc Montoni

Nice Curious & Questions
The Waterman’s Legacy: The Shores and Islands of Virginia

by Edwin S. Clay III and Patricia Bangs

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  1. Anonymous Avatar

    “if we required city employees to walk, bike or ride the bus to work.”

    I suppose we can require anything we want to, if we really want to.

    But before we go off making statements like this we should consider that “requiring” people to work for us for free, more or less amounts to slavery.

    But, like Marc Montoni says, it would solve a lot of pressing problems, as long as you are not the one enslaved.


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