Best Cities for Small Black Business

Source: Thumbtack annual small business friendliness survey.

I don’t know how valid these findings are, based as they are upon only 1,663 responses to a national small business survey, but they are encouraging. Nine of ten of the cities rated highly by African-American small businessmen (and women) are located in the South and two — Richmond and Virginia Beach — are located in Virginia.

The questions posed by the Thumbtack annual small business survey asked small business owners (1) How friendly is your city? (2) How easy was it to start a business? and (3) Would you encourage others to start a business in your city?

Small business is an important path of upward mobility for African-Americans in a lackluster economy. As Thumbtack notes:

Bacon’s bottom line:

 Conservatives should never give up appealing to the African-American electorate. While the political left in the United States cultivates grievance and outrage, the political right emphasizes economic opportunity and upward mobility. Leftist-progressive policies destroy economic opportunity and engender bitterness; conservative, market-oriented policies create opportunity and hope. Which one will win in the long run? The one that offers opportunity and hope. — JAB

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5 responses to “Best Cities for Small Black Business”

  1. LarrytheG Avatar

    re: ” While the political left in the United States cultivates grievance and outrage, the political right emphasizes economic opportunity and upward mobility. Leftist-progressive policies destroy economic opportunity and engender bitterness; conservative policies create opportunity and hope. Which one will win in the long run? The one that offers opportunity and hope.”

    The right wants to walk away from delivering education sufficient to get a job – to economically-disadvantaged blacks – and that’s the bald truth.

    “economic opportunity” is a carnival barker lie when the person it’s directed at is not getting an education sufficient to be employed

    … AND gets BLAMED for being lazy, having bad parents, and a half dozen other excuses….

    When I see the right – proclaim that education is the key to economic well-being – not some mythical “job creation” from the private sector – I’ll take them more seriously .

    until then – this is little more than partisan blather..


    be real. be truthful. be honest. People who do not get an education are screwed in the economy. TRUTH!

    1. Andrew Roesell Avatar
      Andrew Roesell

      Dear GRUMP!…er, Larry, ;-)<

      Dubya was not a Conservative. True Conservatives have opposed the centralization of education policy in D.C.

      Also, no we don't want to "walk away from delivering education to get a job – to economically-disadvantaged blacks." That is an assertion. "You can lead a horse to water…"

      Lazy, bad parents are not excuses. They are sad facts for many. Increasingly among White parents, too, unfortunately.

      Regarding Job creation: Jobs increasingly are given to Hispanic immigrants. Don't believe me. Take a look at the work of Edwin S. Rubenstein. ( As long as businessmen can recruit immigrants who are already willing to "bust their a–es" at a lower wage, they will. The point is that they should not be able to do so. But Dubya tried several times to pass Amnesty, and failed resoundingly. If you want to help Black incomes, cut off immigration, particularly, but not only, of illegal immigrants. Doing so will set back “the Browning of America” that many, not all Liberals, are panting after, but it will help those already here.



  2. Andrew Roesell Avatar
    Andrew Roesell

    Appeal, yes. Pander, no. My hero, Wade Hampton, appealed for Black votes in the 1870s & ’80s, in South Carolina, after Reconstruction. He did so as a Conservative and won many Black voters, though even more admirers, and gave offices to Blacks. A rising tide can lift all boats, as the saying goes. Our policies should aim for win-win outcomes, not zero-sum gains. We are doing the opposite nowadays.



  3. LarrytheG Avatar

    The thing is that none other than George Bush – recognized this issue with his signature No Child Left Behind legislation – that NOW – is considered some kind of a leftist PLOT!

    rising tides do NOT lift all boats – it only lifts the boats of those who have sufficient education to actually compete for a job in the economy.

    Conservatives COULD win over blacks IF they actually DID acknowledge that crappy educations will not lift your boat… and
    like George Bush – continued the efforts to deal with the problems.

    I’ve posted here studies that show that money intended to help the economically disadvantaged with extra teacher resources – is being used in stead to pay for regular school staffing.

    Conservatives say they support vouchers and charter schools – which I do to as long as two things are true:

    1. -they take all demographics INCLUDING the economically disadvantaged in the poorer neighborhoods


    2. they are held to the same accountability standards

    I would WELCOME – ANY alternative paths from Conservatives to deal with the issue – as long as they do produce results.

    I actually expect nothing from the right these days – it’s all about messaging… all show and no go –

  4. Blackbird Fly Avatar
    Blackbird Fly

    The political right is all about preserving existing advantages; those on the outside are hurt by conservative policy in my opinion.

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