Battle of Manassas, Chapter 3

The Manassas Journal Messenger reported this afternoon that the ACLU is prepared to file a lawsuit challenging the local ordinance that redefines who counts as “family” when it comes to who can live together in a single family home.

According to the Messenger, Kent Willis, executive director of the ACLU, said in a press release issued today:

“No one is saying that Manassas can’t reasonably regulate the number of people living together for health and safety purposes,but the government has no right to tell me that my aunt or nephew can’t live under the same roof with me.”

Willis is reported to have gone on to criticize the ordinance as a violation of substantive due process rights and for its “purpose and effect” of breaking up Latino families.

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3 responses to “Battle of Manassas, Chapter 3”

  1. Lucy Jones Avatar
    Lucy Jones


    Maybe there’s hope for big families after all!!!

  2. Jim Bacon Avatar
    Jim Bacon

    It’s a rare day when I find myself agreeing with the A.C.L.U., but this is one of those days. Government should have the authority to say how many people can live in a house safely, but not who those people are or how they can be related to one another.

  3. Anonymous Avatar

    What this will mean is almost certainly that raw numbers will be used to calibrate over-occupancy. In short, “big families” may find themselves under more stress as 10, or 12, or even 8 become the new norm whether or not they are related.

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