Bravo, Tim Kaine

He could have ducked the questions, but Governor-elect Tim Kaine made his feelings known about the nationally televised unsportsmanlike conduct of Hokie Marcus Vick at Monday’s Gator Bowl. Good for him. I hope he’ll continue to speak out, even more strongly if necessary, against bad behavior of all kinds that brings dishonor to Virginia. A Governor ought to exert some moral authority when necessary.

Over at SST, die-hard Hokie fan Old Zach has his thoughts on Vick’s inexcusable stomp on the leg of a prone Lousiville player.

I’m with Old Zach. Vick should be dismissed from the team–for good, this time.

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2 responses to “Bravo, Tim Kaine”

  1. Anonymous Avatar

    I’m more concerned about Vick’s inability to pick up certain blitz packages…

  2. Anonymous Avatar

    I don’t think it takes much “courage” for Kaine to say this on Wednesday, when the school itself has issued an official statement on Tuesday condemning the act.

    In fact, I would have appreciated it much more if Kaine would have pointed out that the school had issued a statement, that he was pleased they were taking it seriously, and trusted they would do the right thing, rather than making it about HIM (“I was heartbroken — who cares what Kaine felt, it wasn’t HIS leg”), and making vague comments about how he didn’t know what the school SHOULD do about it (suggesting that maybe the school wasn’t doing anything but he hoped they would).

    I wouldn’t throw him off the team for it without understanding what else happened, although he does need to be punished. There were several times it looked like the LSU team, and the one player in particular, took cheap shots at Vick’s legs, and he might have been “retaliating”.

    I was more upset when Vick took that elbow shot on the sidelines a few weeks ago.

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