Bacon Back in Action

I’m back at the Bacon’s Rebellion global command center this morning after a long weekend visiting the in-laws in Wilksboro, N.C.

Driving home, it was interesting to cross the state line on Interstate 85 and observe the marked difference in appearance between the N.C.-maintained and Va.-maintained sections of the Interstate. The North Carolina asphalt was mosaic of patches, subjecting travelers to a rythmic sound as their cars passed over sealed cracks at regular intervals. The Virginia asphalt was a thing of beauty: almost flawless, and very, very quiet.

The Tarheels must be spending their money on road beautification instead. Almost every on-ramp and off-ramp along I-85 was arrayed with bright, cheerful flowers. Stretches of highway near Durham has been planted with crepe myrtle trees in a narrow dividing strip. All the flora doesn’t do much to move automobiles, but it does make the drive a lot more pleasant.

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5 responses to “Bacon Back in Action”

  1. Craig Avatar

    I have driven that stretch of 85 myself many times and the difference between the condition of the road between VA and NC portions is remarkable. NC does seem to spend plenty on beautification though. The beltway around Raleigh for example is one the better looking stretches of highway on the east coast.

  2. I was just there yesterday as well…horrible roads on the NC side…

  3. Anonymous Avatar

    I imagine I-85 in Va. will soon be as rotten as in NC. Witness the dramatic decline of I95 and I64 in Virginia. I85 is not too far behind.

  4. Anonymous Avatar

    Back in the frying pan, eh?

    What, no telecommuting in Wilksboro?

  5. Jim Bacon Avatar
    Jim Bacon

    Back in the frying pan — I like that. Good line.

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