A Race to the Bottom Everywhere

by Kerry Dougherty

Great news!

Beginning today, members of the U.S. Senate will be indistinguishable from bums.

Axios reports that Majority Leader Chuck Schumer is “relaxing” the dress code for members, allowing them to be on the floor of the Senate dressed like they’re headed to Walmart. Or rather, like John Fetterman of Pennsylvania who has the sartorial taste of a hobo and finds putting on a suit and zipping his fly too much trouble.

Instead of censuring the jerk from the Keystone State and barring him from floor votes until he puts on business attire, Schumer is scrapping hundreds of years of tradition and decorum to allow this fool to continue to disrespect the people who elected him, and his colleagues.

Fetterman’s a disgrace. So is Schumer for allowing this. Dressing for success is passé in Washington. Now, dressing for failure will be in vogue.

Oddly enough, Senate aides and staff will still be required to wear business attire. Why not? In the case of zombie senators Fetterman and Dianne Feinstein, their aides are the ones doing all the work, anyway.

Oh, and ordinary citizens who visit the chamber? They’ll continue to be subject to a dress code that requires coats and ties for men and business attire for women.

One set of rules for the ruling class. Another for the hoi polloi.

On the plus side, members will now be able to buy their street drugs without drawing attention to themselves.

Just wait ’til Republican members start sporting MAGA ballcaps or T-shirts emblazoned with FJB on them. That may cause Schumer to come to his senses. In the meantime, everyone can run around in their underwear.

This is just another sign that we’re no longer a serious nation. It’s a race to the bottom, led by Democrats.

In Virginia, we actually have some Democrats (Louise Lucas, naturally) defending Susanna Gibson, the House of Delegates candidate for Henrico who performed online sex acts for tips on a site called  Chaturbate and then whined that she was a victim of Republican dirty tricks when The Washington Post reported on her lewd behavior.

In a sane world, she would be embarrassed and drop out of the race. But in an election where Democrats care only about the “right” of mothers to have unrestricted abortions, Gibson may actually win.

Who would want someone with this repulsive judgment voting on matters in Richmond? Who would want someone who deliberately dresses like a degenerate voting on matters in Washington?

It’s worth noting that dress codes are still commonplace in America. In the military, for instance. In schools and courtrooms. Shoot, even in many offices that have “casual Fridays” the dress code does not include hoodies and gym shorts.

Because offices are not gyms. And neither is the Senate chamber.

Republished with permission from Kerry: Unemployed and Unedited.