Want to Save the World? Teach a Kid to Read.

(Image credit: Salon.) Who does more to promote social justice — these guys? Or…

Reading skills among Virginia’s public-school children as measured by Standards of Learning (SOL) test scores are dropping through the floor. Among the remedies that Governor Glenn Youngkin proposes to address the threat of mass illiteracy is requiring under-performing students to receive three to five hours of tutoring per week.

…this guy? (Image credit:ETFO Voice)

Good luck finding the tutors, warns The Washington Post. The teacher shortage is getting worse — about 4.8% of teaching positions were vacant at the start of the school year, up from 3.9% the previous year. And half of schools responding to an Institute of Education Sciences survey reported that their tutoring programs were constricted by lack of funds or inability to find staff.

Here’s an idea: recruit the social justice warriors to teach kids to read.

Thousands of militants in Virginia are seething with outrage at inequities in our society. I would argue that there is no social injustice greater than raising children to be semi-literate and semi-numerate in a knowledge-based economy.

SJWs, you can agitate to change the “system” — which requires minimal sustained effort on your part — or you can do something that has actual positive impact. Redirect the time spent marching, tweeting and shouting at people into tutoring. Make the world a better place by teaching kids to read.


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4 responses to “Want to Save the World? Teach a Kid to Read.”

  1. James Wyatt Whitehead Avatar
    James Wyatt Whitehead

    20 years ago, at Heritage High School in Leesburg, VA, I started the International Study Club. 3 hours Monday thru Thursday afterschool. About 30 to 40 students from all over the world. Middle east, Africa, and Latin America. I offered food, snacks, drinks to attract students. I also applied for a grant, America On Line gave me a nice sack of money. I then offered two thousand dollars as a scholarship for diligent attendance until the end of the year. Advanced readers could use this time in the library as a sanctuary to get their studies done. The weak readers, I would pull them aside and take turns reading to each other. Simple but worked like a charm. Constantly adding the meaning of words as we came across them. Very difficult to get any volunteers who would make a commitment. It was often just me. This kind of work is hard work. Few are up to the task. It was worth it. A great number of students went on to attend community college.

    1. Nancy Naive Avatar
      Nancy Naive

      Read to a child and he will learn and be entertained. Teach a child to read, and you have to hide Mommy’s and Daddy’s books and magazines.

  2. Great idea!

    Pilot it at UVa by sending all the DIE staffers to Charlottesville schools to tutor kids to read, write and figure. It would be a far better investment of the 10 million bucks or more UVa is spending each year on those slugs to reduce the quality of education, and would turn kids away from dead ends and into potentially productive lives. It’s a twofer.

  3. LarrytheG Avatar

    Won’t be long before the tutors are accused of CRT, “indoctrination” and “grooming”, I bet!

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