A Backlash at Last

Scene on the Lawn at the University of Virginia.

A message addressed to “Friends of UVA” by Bert Ellis, class of 1975, is passing around virally by email. Reed Fawell posted the message in the comments on a previous post but did not mention Ellis by name. Given the fact that Ellis is a prominent and wealthy alumnus — he is CEO of Ellis Capital — his opinions matter. I am republishing his open letter on the blog because everyone needs to see what has become of “Mr. Jefferson’s University.” — JAB

This is a sign posted on a Lawn Room door right now. It has been up like this for about 2 weeks. I sent the picture to President Ryan a week ago and asked if the University was going to permit such a sign to stay up on such a public place as the Lawn. I told President Ryan that I absolutely support this student’s right to his/her political opinions and hir/her right to express them on his/her Lawn Room door but not the profanity. Ryan responded immediately and told me “We’re working on it”.

This past Friday I went to Cville to knock on this door (room 36 East Lawn) and discuss the sign with the current occupant….if the sign was still there. It was. Not only is the University not going to remove it, they have assigned 2 UVA Ambassadors … to patrol the Lawn and prevent anybody else from taking it down, ie me. The University has determined this is her first amendment right.

So I guess by their new standards it would be okay to hold up a Fuck Duke sign in the JPJ during a televised basketball game…or okay to put a Trump sign on another Lawn Room door underneath a big Fuck Liberals sign. Do you think???? I walked around the entire Lawn and was rather dumbfounded to see how many very radical liberal signs were posted on doors albeit this was the only one with such profanity. Not one alternative POV did I see.

I did knock on the door and introduced myself as a former Lawn Resident of many years ago and asked the resident of this room in a very calm voice from a comfortable social distance why she needed to use such profanity to make her point in such a public place. She told me that these issues needed attention and the profanity of this sign gets attention. I asked her if she had not learned during her 3 years at UVA any other way to get attention to make her case in a political discussion other than by using incendiary and profane language to which she said “it certainly got your attention.” I told her that the rest of the sign also got my attention and I am here to discuss it.

I then asked her why the need for the denigration of UVA to which she said UVA is as much a cause of all of this as anything. I asked her to explain that and she said the following; (I think this is a very accurate quote):

“This institution was founded by a degenerate who owned and raped his slaves and then stole this property to build this institution for rich white people with slave labor.”

Then she told me she did not appreciate me knocking on her door and slammed the door in my face

I spoke a little longer to her “door” and said the sign certainly got my attention, but I can only assume she is not willing to debate any aspect of her views except with people that totally agree with her….this is the new collegiate way of debate. Only the liberal (and now increasingly radical liberal) point of view is allowed in signage or debate on any college campus including our own UVA. Nothing else is permitted or even tolerated.

Then the 2 UVA ambassadors who were standing right behind me asked me to leave. I engaged in a discussion with them as to what they are instructed to do by the University and they answered they are posted to prevent any damage to that sign. I was prepared to use a small razor blade to remove the Fuck UVA part of this sign and they said I could not do that as it would be considered malicious damage to the University and a violation of this student’s First Amendment Rights and they were prepared to restrain me from so doing. I politely debated this incredibly stupid position with them but left without modifying the sign as I intended.

This is the level to which our University has disintegrated. Pres Ryan could certainly prohibit the profanity as is done at JPJ or other sports arenas ( at least it used to be done) and/or he could just ban all signage except on specific public posting sites, ie bulletin boards , but he has decided as just another liberal academic to tolerate this bull crap.

In my view, this is now the official UVA position and I think this woman feels she could go paint Fuck UVA on any bldg and certainly on any Jefferson statue as her “right of free speech”. I think she would argue the University allows The 7 Society, Z, and IMP to paint signs on the bldgs so why not her message. I think our current President and his administration see it her way and would permit this. President Ryan is as bad if not worse than his predecessor at UVA.

Get ready for more of this. Our only ability to do anything about this is to withhold our checks. The University is about to embark on anther huge fundraising campaign and we need to say no.

I do urge you to go see this for yourself. In my view, it is totally disgusting.

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  1. If you get to the bottom of the letter, you will see this:

    “Get ready for more of this. Our only ability to do anything about this is to withhold our checks. The University is about to embark on anther huge fundraising campaign and we need to say no.”

    That’s the backlash I was referring to in the headline. I’ve been predicting an alumni backlash for several years, and it’s never materialized. I think that’s about to change.

    • After 35 years as a regular donor, I quit more than a decade ago.

    • Backlash? Have you ever seen Newton’s Cradle? Several balls sit in place as another comes crashing in, strikes the first in line, sending the last in line flying while seemingly taking its place, stationary, as the target of the next, soon to happen, event. In a perfectly conserved system, this will continue ad infinitum, unless, say, a suspension line were to break.

      “I am innocent of this man’s blood; see to it yourselves.”

  2. The real backlash comes if the UVA crowd tries to smear the Hokies at the ball game on Dec 12. That used to be the only sort of bad language signs and vandalism you could find on a college campus. I noticed the student failed to mention on her sign that 20% of the state population accounts for over 40% of the abortions.

    • I will never forget the goings on at the half-times of the annual UVA / Virginia Tech football games at Scott Stadium in the early and mid 1960s. It was the most popular half time event of entire football season. Here is how it went.

      First, there appeared a farmer on a small tractor driving erratically around the football field, an obviously tall gangling figure in floppy straw hat and dungarees, his knees hiked high, exposing his sockless skinny white shins above his heavy black work boots. On his inevitable appearance, the home crowd when wild, hooting and laughing.

      Next, out galloped a white dappled gray high stepping stallion, whose gay Cavalier rider and master rode complete with sword, jodhpurs clad in high riding boots, scarlet cape and grey white plumed hat. Now the crowd roared. And then they clapped, hooted, hollered, and laughed as our Gay Cavalier chased the now highly erratic dungareed hick who, increasingly desperate to escape, finally got herded off the field by the Gay Cavalier atop in his noble high stepping white gray dappled stead.

      Next, as too happenings at UVA some 45 years later:

      Also I will never forget Uva’s communications department under the Imperial Reign of Teresa Sullivan.

      For example, now google “Virginia Sports,” and then, after that, and better yet, google this: “Video: Graduation Memories Aplenty for UVA’s Class of 2018” or go directly to the video found at:


      Do you see any differences between what was happening at UVA in the early and middle 1960s and what is happening at UVA in 2018?

      If you do see differences, what are the differences?

      For example, who, according to this 2018 video would you expect to have “Graduation Memories Aplenty from the Class of 2018”, and who, what group of people appear to have none at all? How about with Sports at UVA too?

      Pondering all this, not avoiding it, but looking at the images and communications, have things at UVa. really not changed at all?

      What does this have to do with zoning?

      I suggest a lot …

      See https://www.baconsrebellion.com/wp/stay-put-young-man-stay-put/

      • Yeah but in the second half Don Strock would throw deep passes from across the drill field to Ricky Scales and Roscoe Coles would run right over the tacklers for the big score. The UVA/VPI rivalry could only be matched by the early 20th century grudge matches of VPI/VMI in leather skin helmets.

    • Not me personally but I have serious Hokies in the extended fam…I know UVa is a sensitive issue.

  3. Ah well, I suppose I can divert my annual gift from W&M for this one year to (spit) UVa.

    And, while I’m sure he spins in his grave when I say it, as a fellow alumni, I can forgive his second worst mistake (not the big one) and come to his defense, especially from the attacks of the graduates of Virginia’s meager attempt at vocation training, VoTech.

    • There is a razor’s edge being walked by the school. It is clearly a political statement, and while obscene by almost all standards, obscene language is protected speech, especially in political speech.

      • Stupidity is generally protected too. She exposes herself to the very obvious question of why she is in her fourth year at a university she so publicly despises.

        Perhaps the Cavalier Daily can ask her. Inquiring minds want to know. But the last inquiring mind at the CD may have graduated decades ago.

  4. I agree with the gentleman. I am for free speech, just not for bullying, intimidation, and not acting like an adult. The only outcome is not going to be one that the female involved is going to like. Her indications of violence are at some point going to be met with the same. I find more disturbing the 2 university “minders”. Receptions like that need to go public. Let folks see that if that is how the university feels, maybe they should just close the university.

    • “… just not for bullying, intimidation, and not acting like an adult. ”

      So, that’s a vote for Biden, a write-in, or just staying home then, eh?

  5. Couda been worse:

    “F_ck UVA, Bert Ellis and the ugly horse you rode in on”.

    Really? This is the big backlash? Man the desperation is palpable.

    Now if he goes back with Dragas , I change my view.

  6. I am not sure how anybody can make a cogent case that the modern academic community is not a vicious enemy of Western Civilization – and civility. I have argued here in responses to other articles that only one viewpoint – progressive, cultural marxism – is tolerated in the modern academy. It is sad to see institutions which I have loved and respected for most of my life (from K – 12 to the universities) become the most prolific purveyors of hatred and division in our society.

    I would love to hear the cogent argument to the contrary. It might make my day happier if it is a good argument instead of a regurgitation of predictable talking points.

    • Uh, did you miss 4th of May, 1970?

      • No. I was on a protest line then, just not at Kent State. I was a university student then and a young antiwar, anti big government anti mega-corporattion liberal. Still am. I was not however a marxist – economic or cultural. What I do remember (at least in the universities I was familiar with) was diversity of viewpoint and a desire to interact with those who held different viewpoints. In my main social group we had marxists, democratic socialists, paleo conservatives, libertarians, garden variety rednecks and insufferable yankees. Somehow we got along with and learned from each other. Your point?

        • He doesn’t understand that political ideology is more than one dimensional.

          • In answer to your previous ramble, after 1934 it was.

          • Ramble? It was pretty concise in pointing out that you have very little understanding of the Nazi and Hitler and rely on information that conforms to you own bias. Nor are you capable of debating the topic.

            Again, the right/left dogma originated in the French Revolution that ended in 1799 a few years before 1934.

            I’m sorry that you believe politics is one dimensional, it’s not.

            Maybe you should audit a Poli Sci class and gain some experience?


          • And then there are those who will tell you how multidimensional and inclusive the Nazis were. What’s that word? Oh yeah, apologist.

            Nazis. Pretty much only one side to that story.

            Now, I might believe that at one time the party was more than that, but then along came a charismatic leader who through intimidation drove out…. hey!

        • “And then there are those who will tell you how multidimensional and inclusive the Nazis were. What’s that word? Oh yeah, apologist.”

          Where is that any part of my argument? It wasn’t, that was a straw man because you can’t debate your point of view.

          NAZI’s were bad the fact that you resorted to Godwin proves that you couldn’t win the debate. The point was to lable the NAZI’s right or left is a complete and utter misnomer done by the woefully simple minded partisan (is: you).

          PS:. All your comments point out one thing, you’re a fascist that unless someone shares your opinion they are wrong. You’re literally incapable of having a rational conversation as you lack the awareness that you are possible not as intelligent as you believe yourself to be.

          • Matt, You are absolutely justified in skewering Nancy Naive’s argument. (I’m not sure you can even call the reference to Nazis an “argument” — a sarcastic provocation might be a better description.) But I ask you again to refrain from personal attacks such as references to N.N.’s intelligence. N.N. could have the IQ of a turtle but that does not in itself invalidate his statement.

            A word of advice: Don’t let N.N. bait you. You have much to contribute to the blog and should not waste your time responding to remarks that most readers will regard as irrelevant or unhelpful to the discussion. Trust me, no one will think any less of you for passing up a chance to respond to a provocation.

          • Mr. Bacon,

            As it were in regards to interactions with NN, I feel there are no bounds when one is the subject of the following responses:

            “Nancy_Naive | September 3, 2020 at 4:40 pm |
            Why? Is Key West cool sounding to you? It’s okay. Grenada was cool. Mustique was way cool.

            No, the cats weren’t in the pamphlet. That would be cruel. They were mentioned in the pamphlet; them and their 6 toes.

            Hemingway may not have been “violate”, but if you don’t think suicide is an act of violence, try it and get back to us with your results. I’ll wait.”

            When a poster tells you that you should commit suicide and tell them if it was violent or not, I find no reason to keep the kid gloves on. Even at that I’ve been rather innocuous with my replies where as I could’ve respond with much more force.

            He’s incapable of having legitimate discord without being a pompous as$. I can only presume that’s because he’s got his silver spoon so supplanted up his 4th point that it’s coming out his mouth.

  7. Did the 1960s somehow bypass UVA?

    • 1975 graduate, so yeah, pretty much. Probably of the opinion that he would have had to go to ‘Nam.

      • I am also 75 grad (PSU). I was almost drafted due to 007 draft number and we were the first year to lose college deferment…had 1A physical and all that but lucked out, but it was difficult year.

        • Big differences happened between 68 and 72. By a 74 graduation (me, sort of) things had pretty much gone South for the hawks, and the big brood of newly hatched chickenhawks, i.e., all those GOP politicians who had bone spurs, flat feet, tennis elbow, etc.

          I think the 1st Draft Lottery drew in to about 125 deep, or so. I don’t think the 2nd made it to 50, and the third didn’t draft at all. That would have been yours. If you were born in 53, you were not called.

          Between turning 16 and wanting to join,and “Save ‘Merica”, and turning 19 where I was packing my bags for Canada, there was a period of ‘woke’.

    • I graduated in 1966. You’ll have to get a younger witness.

  8. How can she continue to attend such a vile school?

    • Most likely she isn’t paying the bills herself. Perhaps parents, generous donors, or student loans (it is so gauche to repay them, so treat them like free money) are allowing her to attend. If I were a prankster, I would attach her name to the a photo of the sign and make if famous. It would make interesting background check information when job search time comes around.

      • You’re devious.

      • James Wyatt Whitehead V

        Gauche. I had to look that one up. I like that word. Vive la france!

      • Sounds like a plan… except, Roger Stone, Karl Rove, etc., etc.,… Betcha AOC will hire her for big bucks.

        Know your audience.

      • Perhaps the lady’s Lawn door declarations follow in the tradition of Luther’s Ninety- Five Theses nailed to the church door at the University of Witteburg.

        Or perhaps hers is an effort at shock and awe, akin to the hecklers veto of screaming children (UVA students) who invaded and shut down the meeting of the Board of Visitors, and also the meeting at UVA Jewish Center, or when UVA’s security forces hauled the Jew off the steps of the Rotunda for reading his Torah few years back, or the students’ and faculty mob that marched on and trashed a UVA Fraternity house in the middle of the night, and the demonizing of white frat boys, over Jackies false charges that festered for years at UVA, or UVa.’s undeniable faculty and student roll in the 2017 spring /summer riots at Charlottesville.

        But surely, in any case, all of these ugly incidents and affairs that have been going on for so long must be woven from a toxic mix taught and, in some quarters, chronically practiced at UVA with apparent impunity.

  9. James Wyatt Whitehead V

    I don’t think the 60s missed UVA. It just showed up 55 years late to the party west coast style.

  10. I have been highly critical of the university I love. There of course is another side, namely, the UVa. professors who have remained true to their profession, and enriched us all, myself included, because of their efforts, often lasting over decades. I have mentioned many here over the past years.

    One of those professors is Mark Edmundson, a writer of two fine and timeless books that should never go out of print, including Self and Soul: A Defense of Ideals, and The Heart of the Humanities, Reading, Writing, Teaching. Mark’s new book Song of Ourselves: Walt Whitman and the Fight for Democracy, will be published in the Spring. Read these books, particularly now.

    Also read Mark’s very recent essay in the America Scholar entitled Teach What You Love, a modest proposal for professors of literature. It’s linked in below:


  11. “Not one alternative POV did I see.”

    So much for the marketplace of ideas. Sounds like an indoctrination mill.

    “This institution was founded by a degenerate who owned and raped his slaves and then stole this property to build this institution for rich white people with slave labor.”

    I believe the land for UVA was purchased from James Monroe. If she thinks all North American land belongs to the Native Americans, then is she suggesting we give it all back? Does her family own property?

    • At that which Native Americans should we return it to? I mean the ones that Monroe probably procured it from undoubtedly acquired it through violent means from the tribe before them.

      • ““This institution was founded by a degenerate who owned and raped his slaves and then stole this property to build this institution for rich white people with slave labor.”

        In fact Thomas Jefferson did more than anyone in history to lay the conceptual and practical framework that ultimately Lincoln deployed and built upon to free the slaves in America less than 4o years after Jefferson’s death.

    • “… is she suggesting we give it all back? ”

      Didn’t SCOTUS just do that with a huge chunk of Oklahoma?

      • Nancy asked – “Didn’t SCOTUS just do that with a huge chunk of Oklahoma?”

        No. Have you read the case?

        The central question in the case was who has jurisdiction to prosecute crimes committed by Native Americans on Native American land.

  12. Why are you going around knocking on some young woman’s door. Just post something worst case scenario, don’t cross that line. Just seems really creepy and inappropriate.

    • yep. He went looking for a confrontation… and actually said he intended to deface the sign.

      This is the guy who is going to start the “big backlash”?

      I think ya’ll backlash wishers need a better leader… unless perhaps you like the “creepy” part…

  13. Exactly. This guy Bert Ellis sounds like a dick. I had dinner with my daughter, a fairly recent whoo grad and told her the story about the confrontation on the Lawn. She said this guy sounds really creepy regardless of the use of the rough word.

  14. Never understood why anyone would want to live in those cramped, antiquated holes surrounding “the lawn.” I’d be upset too, if UVa stuck me in one of those. Then again, you UVa dorks think wearing a bow-tie to a football game is kewl (hint: wearing a bow-tie is never cool).

    • One of my sons lived on “the Range” (the graduate student equivalent of “the Lawn”) for several years. Despite the cramped, sparse accommodations, it is considered an honor to be allowed to reside there. Besides the historical significance of the Lawn and the Range one has to be approved as a resident based a number of different criteria (no one is “assigned” to the Lawn). There used to be some social requirements attached to residing there and there used to be something of a fraternal bond between current and former residents. Presuming that Ellis once resided on the Lawn, he might have been under the impression that a current resident would feel some obligation to speak with him. However, I think that he should have contacted the resident in advance and asked for an appointment. In today’s environment, an older male showing up, unannounced, at a woman student’s room on the Lawn would seem to have no favorable outcomes available.

  15. Might be interesting to send a picture of the door to her parents (if they could be located) just to see what reaction that might engender…

  16. This would not be universally protected speech. If she posted this on the front door of the Rotunda, it could be taken down. However, I imagine the UVA lawyers looked at this and said that it would be inconsistent to take this down because the school has allowed similar (if not always as prominent and profane) postings on other dorm doors (assuming all residents of the dorm room are in agreement). If this were West Point or VMI, it could be taken down without violating First Amendment protections because it would not be inconsistent with policy.

    Mr. Ellis could have been charged had he defaced this sign. But here is where the inconsistency causes a backlash. The people who defaced the public statues were breaking the law as well but were not charged.

  17. What a indefatigable digital warrior Steve Haner is, fighting 24/7 for Freedom and the American Way!

    See this night-fighter Steve Haner protecting us all at night against 20 to 1 odds on the BR Friday night comment board, though he’s completed surrounded by the half wits (Larry the G, Nancy-Naive, and Eric the Half Troll) who last night all night have scrambled out through the darkness to scurry endlessly across Bacon’s Rebellion comment board, attacking Steve.

    Steve, I am impressed. Thank you for your service to Virginia and the nation at large.

  18. Steve, were you aware that I was attcking you? Well, next time let me know.

  19. This we call passive / aggressive behavior by folks trying to erase the learned and significant comments of others with their own nonsensical gibberish. This is a very common practice by some around here, a tactic deployed in effort to undermine the blog.

  20. Here he is:

  21. He seems to have huge hands and fingers, unlike Donald Trump

  22. James Wyatt Whitehead V

    Jefferson was 6 foot 2 inches in height. Very straight bodied. Long taught muscles like a runner. His skin, on the inside of the arms, milky white. Skin exposed to the elements red from sunburn. In fact his his cheeks, nose, and chin always appeared to be recovering from a sunburn. Lots of freckles. Very long face and roman/english nose. Eye color? Blue, hazel, or green. Depending on the light. Hair was reddish too blonde. Very thick and full hair. Avoided whigs when possible. Square shouldered. Like Washington he detested shaking hands. He bowed. Erect and straight bodied standing or walking. A superb horseback rider. Yet when TJ sat in a chair or a sofa he seemed to melt into the furniture very casually. Described as a jackknife or accordion when using furniture. Slept upright in his bed. Detested sleep. Soaked his feet for 20 minutes every morning in iced water. Dressed informally when possible. Preferred his PJs and slippers. You would know when the presence of Jefferson was near. He constantly sang songs to himself.

  23. Thanks as well. But can you provide same for Trump? He is clinically obese, has a huge gut, and, according to Stormy Daniel, well look it up!

    • Not to nitpick, but does clinical obesity really bear on Trump’s fitness for his office? Almost every NFL offensive lineman is “clinically obese”. (I made the diagnosis remotely on the basis of photographs, like yours of Trump’s obesity.) However, many seem to perform ably. I’m happy that we aren’t required to provide full length photos here. I would hate to have my physique critiqued by the left leaning contributors here.

  24. I find it quite amazing how radical liberals have gotten since John F. Kennedy was President. I think someone with his views today would be considered a right wing extremist.

    I’ve always appreciate this story from Kennedy’s time as President:

    Extract from John F. Kennedy’s Remarks at a Dinner Honoring Nobel Prize Winners of the Western Hemisphere

    “I think this is the most extraordinary collection of talent, of human knowledge, that has ever been gathered together at the White House, with the possible exception of when Thomas Jefferson dined alone. Someone once said that Thomas Jefferson was a gentleman of 32 who could calculate an eclipse, survey an estate, tie an artery, plan an edifice, try a cause, break a horse, and dance the minuet.”


  25. John F Kennedy argues for universal healthcare


  26. John F Kennedy supported the establishment of Medicare and Medicaid also.

    • Increased defense spending
      Containing Communism around the world
      Confronting Cuba
      Space exploration
      Tax cuts.

      “Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country,”

    • The other side is he supported universal health care, Medicare, Medicaid, the Peace Corp , public schools, Higher Ed, Science, public housing, desegregation, Social Security, Keynesian economics, liberalized immigration laws, and Civil Rights.

      Just really misleading to claim he would be radical right when most of his positions are pretty much what Dems support today and many Conservatives oppose.

      He was a National Security hawk – yes but most of his domestic policy positions where very much what you see with modern day Dems.

  27. Be careful what you wish for, and chronically lie about. It may come around bite you hard.

    “Princeton’s Confession of Bias
    Admission of ‘systemic racism’ could cost the school federal funds.

    The folks at Princeton are supposed to be smart. But you have to wonder about the intelligence of inviting federal scrutiny by declaring their own school guilty of racism.

    Amid a struggle session with progressive faculty and students this month, Princeton President Christopher Eisgruber published an open letter promising to combat “systemic racism” at the school. That’s an eye-opener since Princeton has assured students and the federal government that it doesn’t discriminate. Has the university been lying?

    Enter the Education Department, which wants to know. On Wednesday Assistant Secretary Robert King wrote Mr. Eisgruber requesting records related to his confession of bias. “Among other things,” Mr. King writes, “you said ‘[r]acism and the damage it does to people of color persist at Princeton . . .’ and ‘[r]acist assumptions . . . remain embedded in structures of the University itself.’” End Quote.


  28. so…any University or college or other institution, cities, towns, non-profits, etc… who admit to discriminatory policies will now be de-funded?


    does that also mean we de-fund the police if they did wrong also?

  29. re: “confessions” and de-funding….

    “Oh , we did not fully realize the varied ways that this could happen so when we signed that we were not, we were confident, but upon further review, we realize there may be more to look at”.

    this is just some guy at the Dept of Ed – screwing around, must have time on his hands.. or posturing to get Devos attention.

    seems like we also promised to de-fund the schools if they did not go back to “in-person” … right?

    gonna boycott the sports if they don’t stop kneeling…

    yadda yadda.

  30. There’s the marker on Champs Elysees. There should be a three-year commission to decide what to do about it. I can be appointed since I attended his actual alma mater. I figure a month in Paris should be enough time for me to reach a decision….with side trips to Bordeaux and Vienne.

    I get a bit goosebumpy with the phrase “soldats de la guerre mondiale…” I dare you, President Ryan.

  31. If a resident were to post a Confederate battle flag on the door of her Lawn room, would the administration would assign a pair of “UVA ambassadors” to protect the sign from vandalism? Asking for a friend.

    • Of course, Ryan would remove a Confederate flag in a nanosecond from the Lawn. No, constitutional protections there. MAGA Hats too. Outta here. Drill, Baby, Drill! Frack, Baby, Frack! Outta here! Along with 21 guns salutes to dead American soldiers on Veterans Day, verboten, too, and outta here, if UVa’s Ryan could have gotten away with it.

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