James A. Bacon

After a 25-year career in Virginia journalism, James A. Bacon founded Bacon’s Rebellion in 2002 as a website and electronic newsletter. He added the blog as a companion piece in 2005, and with financial support from the Piedmont Environmental Council published a series of investigative and in-depth articles about transportation, land use, the environment and energy in Virginia.

In 2009, Bacon took a full-time job as Vice President-Publishing with the Boomer Project. He continued publishing the blog, relying primarily upon guest contributors, and passed on the website and electronic newsletter to the Thomas Jefferson Institute for Public Policy.

Leaving the Boomer Project, Bacon took time off to write his book, “Boomergeddon: How Runaway Deficits Will Bankrupt the Country and Ruin Retirement for Aging Baby Boomers — And What You Can Do About It,” publish the accompanying “Boomergeddon” blog, and contribute op-ed pieces to the Washington Times.

In 2011 Bacon re-launched Bacon’s Rebellion with a new design, a new editorial format and a new business plan. Besides daily blog commentary, the publication runs full-length articles written in-house. The publication’s editorial mission is described by its tagline, “Reinventing Virginia for the 21st Century.” Its focus is on building more prosperous, livable and sustainable communities.

Bacon is a Virginian through-and-through. A graduate of the University of Virginia, he lives in Richmond with his wife Laura. His son and daughter live in Richmond, while one wayward child resides in Durham, N.C. He would live nowhere else.

Speeches and public appearances

Bacon gives frequent speeches and radio interviews. He sometimes speaks for free in Virginia but charges for out-of-state appearances. To contact him, email him at jabacon[at]baconsrebellion.com.