Despite the recent spate of Russ Potts commentary, Virginia’s favorite and longest-lived game remains, “What will Doug do?” Lee Hockstader of the Washington Post analyzes Tim Kaine’s need for Richmond Mayor Doug Wilder’s endorsement–the earlier the better.

Speaking of Russ Potts, though, Hockstader doesn’t mention Potts as a possible recipient of Wilder’s endorsement. I would suggest that Potts adds another level of intrigue to Wilder’s calculations. It’s hard to imagine Wilder being sympathetic to Potts’ tax-raising plans–Wilder could endorse Kaine and simultaneously criticize Potts. Or, Kilgore-like, he could ignore Potts. Wilder has lots of choices and lots of time.

Let the game begin.

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  1. Steven Avatar

    Don’t you mean let the promises begin?

    I’ll buy that for a dollar.

    ~ the blue dog

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