The Wonk Salon, June 16, 2011

How Uncle Sam Can Drive Education Reform at the Local Level
Center for American Progress

Congress should reauthorize the Elementary and Secondary Education Act to make the federal government a stronger catalyst for reform of local school systems.

Save Southern Forests by Taxing on Basis of Current Use, not Market Value
World Resources Institute
Rising property taxes resulting from encroaching development push private owners of forest land into selling property to pay their tax bills. Taxing on the basis of current use, not market value, would ease the pressure.

Fighting Organized Retail Crime
Government Accountability Office
Retail chains are collaborating with online marketplaces like e-Bay and law enforcement authorities to combat organized shoplifting and fencing.

Doing More with Less in Special Education

American Enterprise Institute
Special education spending has risen to an unsustainable 21% of total education spending. Educators need to re-think they way the approach special ed, especially labor-intensive but ineffectual teaching models.

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