The Wonk Salon: April 27, 2011

Cutting Corporate Taxes Can Increase Tax Progressivity
Urban Institute

Cut corporate tax rates and jack up rates on dividends and capital gains – reduce incentives for corporate tax avoidance and recapture the revenue from payouts to stockholders.

Infrastructure Bank Means More Power to Washington
Heritage Foundation
President Obama’s idea for an “infrastructure bank” would concentrate transportation decision-making authority in Washington, D.C.

The Right Way to Reform Public Pensions
Center for Retirement Research
Hybrid public pension plans are in. They should be constructed so that the Defined Benefit and Defined Contribution portions of a plan are “stacked,” not “parallel.”

Improve Schools by Improving School Principals
National Governors Association
Next to teachers, principals are the most important school-based influence on student learning. School systems should overhaul how they prepare, license and evaluate principals.

Rewarding Better Teachers by Rewarding Better Evaluation Systems
Brookings Institution
Prod local school systems into adopting new teacher-performance metrics by financially rewarding those with the most reliable evaluation systems.

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