What Is It with Democrats and Criminals?

by Kerry Dougherty

Elections have consequences.

And when Virginia voted last November to give Democrats a slim majority in the General Assembly they also voted to give almost 8,000 violent criminals a shot at getting back on the streets.

This ill-conceived measure – SB427 – is the evil brainchild of Sen. Creigh Deeds, who believes that juries and judges should be second-guessed once an inmate has served at least 25 years of his – it’s almost always a male – sentence.

News flash: any inmate who’s served that many years in prison is a bad dude. A murderer, a rapist or some other sort of vile reptile. These are not petty criminals or marijuana users.

(Deeds’ initial bill wanted to spring felons after 15 years behind bars, but he amended it.)

This bill passed the State Senate on a party-line vote. It’s now in the House of Delegates where the soft-headed-soft-on-crime majority will no doubt vote to make Virginia less safe.

What are the crimes that make an inmate eligible to petition to have his sentence modified? Oh, it’s a regular rogue’s gallery of hairbags:

First degree murder, second degree murder, rape, forcible sodomy , object penetration, aggravated sexual battery, human trafficking, terrorism, lynching, treason, death by mob and – drum roll please – production or filming of child pornography.

Just what the Old Dominion needs, kiddie porn pigs on the loose.

There’s a subset of slightly less revolting crimes which can result in a rehearing after just 20 years in prison.

Best of all, with the more liberal rights restoration in Virginia, these murderers and perverts will be back on the voting rolls soon.

Guess which party they’ll vote for?

Fortunately, Gov. Glenn Youngkin is a Republican and would be expected to veto this insane measure.

Elections DO have consequences and the one we had in 2021 that put the GOP in the top three jobs will continue to keep Virginia safe. For a while, anyway.

Republished with permission from Kerry: Unemployed and Unedited.