West Palm Beach, Ho!

Brace yourself, West Palm Beach, the Rebellion is heading your way!

Blogging will be spotty the next few days. I’m off to another conference, this time the Congress for the New Urbanism. I’ll participate in a panel discussion, “Understanding the Role of Sustainable Urbanism in the Conservative Agenda,” making the case that the phrase “conservative smart growth” is not an oxymoron. I’ll also bone up on the latest thinking in the New Urbanism movement and, as time permits, blog the highlights.


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(comments below)


  1. larryg Avatar

    I think I’m a bit suspicious here of all this “hard” work that Bacon must do in places like Las Vegas and Palm Beach.

    ….. although I am dying to hear about Smart Growth and sustainability from a Conservative point of view.

    As I had stated earlier – our BOS proposed loosening up the local govt restrictions on mixed-use development and the “conservatives” (masquerading as Agenda 21 folk) showed up to argue that this was yet another evil govt plan to take away people’s property rights…

    I hope to GAWD that Jim has not walked into another Agenda 21 soiree.

  2. DJRippert Avatar

    Bacon needs to drive up the coast and see Palm Cove. The area grew 91% in the last 12 years. It seems the State of Florida has the odd belief than an influx of wealthy tax paying residents is good for the state. Go figure.

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