The VMA Likes McDonnell

The Virginia Manufacturers Association doesn’t endorse political candidates, although you might overlook that fact in the glowing press release just issued regarding LC candidate Del. Bob McDonnell, R-Virginia Beach.

A new survey of candidates for Virginia attorney general reveals that Republican Delegate Bob McDonnell strongly supports reform of the Commonwealth’s legal climate, lower taxes and less burdensome regulation to promote prosperity in Virginia. Steve Baril, a trial attorney who squares off with McDonnell in the June 14 primary, failed to complete the Virginia Manufacturers Association (VMA) survey and repeated calls to his campaign were not returned. …

“Bob McDonnell could not have been clearer about his pro-reform, pro-business views,” said Brett Vassey, VMA president. “On issues of civil justice, medical malpractice and product liability, and his perspective on the job of attorney general, McDonnell’s positions are the right ones for Virginia’s economy and our quality of life.”

“McDonnell’s responses also illustrate that he doesn’t just talk the talk, he walks the walk,” Vassey added. “He detailed his specific and spirited leadership on medical malpractice reform and to stop the odious practice of venue shopping by trial attorneys.”

“The survey demonstrates to Republican primary voters next Tuesday that Bob McDonnell is rock-solid on core issues affecting whether the Commonwealth prospers or withers. On the other hand, Steve Baril’s non-response to our survey can leave only question marks in the minds of primary voters.”

Lesson to Baril campaign: Don’t misplace those questionnaires! These issues resonate with me far more than the effluvia emanating from both campaign headquarters.

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  1. Chris Porter Avatar
    Chris Porter

    With this VMA announcement and with the ATRA money, it’s worth asking: Where does Steve Baril stand on tort reform?

    Steve Baril has complained about how ATRA made their investment, and perhaps rightfully, but he has yet to answer the real issue. Why is the American Tort Reform Association so opposed to his candidacy?

    Take a quick look at VPAP to see how much money Steve Baril has taken from the trial lobby.

  2. Anonymous Avatar

    Does anyone know where the Club for Growth stands on this race? I checked their website, and I couldn’t find anything. Just a lot of jibberish. It’s like they were trying to sell me something.

  3. Laszlo Avatar


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