A Vision for Victory in Virginia

My buddies at the Virginia Institute for Public Policy are hosting “A Vision for Victory in Virginia,” a two-day conference in Williamsburg Sept. 21-23. Confirmed speakers include Sandra Froman, the president of the National Rifle Association; former Congressman Dick Armey; and syndicated columnist Cal Thomas and Thomas Jefferson.

Topics include: the advantages of an articulated vision such as the “Contract with America,” the Freedom & Prosperity Agenda, educational reform, property rights, fiscal policy and, of course, golf, tennis and a tour of colonial Williamsburg.

If you’ve never attended a Virginia Institute event, I highly recommend it. The Institute raised the level of intellectual discourse in Virginia by 20 IQ points when it convened its monthly breakfast conclave in Richmond.

For details, check the Institute website.

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2 responses to “A Vision for Victory in Virginia”

  1. Anonymous Avatar

    Cal Thomas, Dick Armey, a Jefferson impersonator and the National Rifle Assocation. Sounds like something to avoid at all costs, unless you were a right-wing nut with lots of time on your hands.

    Gee, you think the word “Defeat-O-Crat” might be used at some point?

  2. Anonymous Avatar

    Call them back in November so they can explain why Speaker Pelosi’s victory was not a huge national repudiation of their bonehead policies.

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