Virginia Dems Have Their Panties in a Twist

by Kerry Dougherty

This is what triggers Virginia Democrats today:

There was an exchange at the Virginia Capitol between Lt. Gov. Winsome Sears, who presides over the State Senate, and Sen. Danica Roem of Prince William County.

Roem identifies as a woman, although Roem was born a man. The politically correct crowd insists that failing to use feminine pronouns for someone like Roem is “misgendering.” A sin invented by the left.

Roem stormed out of the Senate chamber after Sears addressed her as “sir.” Several other senators with their panties in a twist followed. Eventually Sears apologized.


Look, my main problem with the trans movement is when children are involved. And the trans movement is actively recruiting kids. It needs to stop.

Beyond that, children shouldn’t be chemically castrated, sterilized with hormone blockers or have their body parts carved up because they’re confused. And no child should be allowed to pretend to be a member of the opposite sex in school without the permission of their parents.

Biological males should be banned from playing sports with biological females and they need to be forbidden to enter traditional girls’ safe spaces such as bathrooms and locker rooms.

That said, adults may do what they want. If a man wants to put on lipstick and wear a dress, fine.

What they cannot do is force the rest of us to play along.

Oh, and as a writer I don’t play the pronoun game.

When I write about “trans” adults I don’t use pronouns. I use their names or titles. It’s a workaround that doesn’t violate my beliefs that gender isn’t just something “assigned” at birth. It’s what we are. Forever.

Being a woman is a marvelous thing. We can conceive a baby, gestate it, give birth and feed that child.

No one else can do that.

When men prance around in woman-face they mock what it means to be a female. Being a woman isn’t just long hair, bosoms and lipstick. It’s so much more and men will never experience that, just as we women will never experience male puberty and all that goes with being a man.

Winsome Sears is loathed by the left. There is nothing they detest more than a conservative person of color. They were waiting to pounce on her for something and this week they had their moment.

One more thing.

No woman I know would throw a hissy fit if someone accidentally called her “sir.”

Is it possible the Democrats are so afraid of Winsome Sears — she’s a possible GOP candidate for governor — that they were secretly delighted that they found a little trigger this week?

Republished with permission from Kerry: Unemployed and Unedited.