Virginia Colleges Fare Pretty Well in 2024 FIRE Rankings

In case you’re wondering how all Virginia institutions scored in the 2024 FIRE free speech rankings, here is a summary of the universities included in the survey. For perspective, I’ve included the top and bottom scorers. Liberty University is listed separately, as it is one of six that prioritize other values over free speech. Remember, the rankings reflect an assessment of formal written policies, not actual practice or campus climate. — JAB

2024 FIRE Free Speech Ranking
Rank Institution Score Speech Climate
#1 Michigan Technological University 78.01 Good
#6 University of Virginia 68.00 Above Average
#8 George Mason University 67.67 Above Average
#20 Washington & Lee University 62.99 Above Average
#26 James Madison University 58.83 Slightly Above Average
#59 College of William and Mary 53.69 Average
#160 Virginia Tech 42.17 Slightly Below Average
#184 Virginia Commonwealth University 39.23 Below Average
#248 Harvard University 0 Abysmal
Liberty University 35.62 Warning, No Rank