Time for a Red Cloud’s Rebellion?


I don’t need much of an excuse to pull up stakes and move to Jackson Hole — and this could be enough to push me over the edge. I took the ISideWith.com quiz to see which party I was most closely aligned with, and which states other respondents most closely matched my own. As far as states are concerned, I’d clearly feel most at home in Wyoming. Virginia… not so much. That probably explains all the guff I get on this blog!

Think there’d be a publishing niche in Wyoming for a Red Cloud’s Rebellion?

Check it out. Where do you fit in?


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(comments below)


13 responses to “Time for a Red Cloud’s Rebellion?”

  1. Tysons Engineer Avatar
    Tysons Engineer

    I’ve been to Jackson Hole, ain’t nothing to write home about. Its like something that probably once was very cool, but now because all the right leaning lobbyist types showed up the prices are beyond control. Hotels there for one night are upwards of $500. I’ve stayed in Cannes at a high end boutique for cheaper, and I can tell you Cannes has a lot more to offer.

    To each their own though, you might like Jackson Hole proper, but it is very very small, and outside of it nothing but wide open spaces and strip mall/convenience stores.

    I’m not seeing where is says to move though from your link.

  2. Tysons Engineer Avatar
    Tysons Engineer

    Oops now I found it, shocker of all shockers, it tells me I should move to Vermont or Massachusetts. I wonder if MIT is hiring. New York was close behind, though on a county level Manhattan was extremely high for me. That being said, Fairfax/Arlington/DC was also very high so maybe I’m just fine where I am 😉

    I find the areas with the weakest correlation to my beliefs more interesting though:

    Alabama, Mississippi, and Utah. Haha, I can’t think of a single reason why I would ever, in a million years, ever want to live in any of those places.

    1. I’d say the quiz pegged you pretty well!

    2. NoVaShenandoah Avatar

      We apparently agree to a far greater extent than I thought 🙂

      1. Tysons Engineer Avatar
        Tysons Engineer

        What did you have me pegged as?

        I dont consider myself on any side of the aisle btw, I could care less about labels of republican or democrat, I’m a strict issues voter. It just happens, atleast based on this poll, the issues leaned more on the side of Democrat.

        Had the poll asked more questions about unions, zoning laws, user taxes/fees I would have likely leaned further conservative.

  3. I’d not pick Jackson Hole to get insight into how Wyomings think. It’s a foreign country compared to the rest of Wyoming!

    1. Tysons Engineer Avatar
      Tysons Engineer

      You DEFINITELY have that right. I wouldn’t be shocked if there was a fairly large Green Party presence in Jackson Hole itself actually… maybe that goes too far, but the Libertarians that are there aren’t as pro-oil/anti-regulation as what you would find outside of it.

      1. I recall seeing an electoral map of Wyoming — Jackson Hole (or surrounding county) was the one blue county in the entire state. A lot of greenies live there.

  4. FAUX Conservatives and LIbertarians.

    LOVE public roads, subsidies for Higher ED , deficit spending on the Military, and gutless hypocritical positions on health care and entitlements because they pretend they’d get rid of EMTALA and Entitlements like TANF and MedicAid but not a one of them actually steps up and makes it a campaign promise.

    My view is if you REALLY want to be a Conservative/Libertarian then stop hiding in the bushes on these issues and come out and make your actual positions known – and if you are running for office – be honest enough to stand for what you believe in – even if it gets you voted out of office.

    We have too many hypocrites who blame “leftist positions” that they don’t like but don’t dare to be honest enough to say what they actually do support – and run on those positions for election.

    Just like with the recent vaccination issue – the folks on the right can’t seem to be honest enough to stand by their positions.. they find themselves – saying one thing to their idiot bases and another thing when they have to speak to the national press.

  5. Oh good Lord, Maine and California reach out to me! Almost as unexpected as TE’s. Come on now, LG, dare you admit what the poll says are the States best suited to you?

    1. I did not see where that was provided… I just received percent ratings for the political groups…

      where are the states provided?

  6. Oh okay I see now – New York, Mass, Connecticut, Minnesota, Wisconsin – not the South, not the deep south and not Virginia.

    I basically believe in the higher education standards that you see in the states above.

    but my Libertarian score is 67%.

    I’m a fiscal conservative. I think that not having education.. pretending we’d cut entitlements and health care is not a path to prosperity and our challenge – our duty is to find the most cost effective ways to do the things that we really do – no matter what we pretend otherwise.

    when we give kids a crappy education then arrest them for dealing street drugs – we are signing up for a lifetime of entitlements for them – and their spouse and kids.. we pretend otherwise – but the reality is this is what we’re doing.

  7. Maine – the home of independents.

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