Tim Kaine’s Accent-Gate

Augusta Free Press recently wrote, “Kilgore has charged political rival Tim Kaine, the presumptive Democratic Party gubernatorial nominee, with making light of his accent in a cheap attempt to win votes…”

Jerry, this charge sounds like something campaign stress can do…

Because most folks born in Virginia sound like ‘Hicks from the Sticks’ — and I’m including ‘the blue dog’ and other Bacon bloggers. Now, I’m not endorsing the “Carry Me Back to Ole Virginny” song and dance litany …

But where was Tim Kaine born, and if it was not in Virginia, how many years did he live in other states?

The Project Vote Smart website has listed the ‘Birthplace’ blank. But curious political minds want to know. Why the mystery??? Was he born in the Midwest? The Northeast? The Leftcoast? Or at Elvis Presley’s Graceland?

Recently, ‘a hunk-of -burning’ media outlets reported, “The Democrat in Virginia’s race for governor speaks with the clipped Midwestern cadence of a game show host.” Perhaps, Mr. Kaine was raised in Kansas! That’s been reported as well.

With his faith-base campaign, Tim ‘the choirboy’ Kaine has let everybody know in Virginia that he spent one year in Honduras with Catholic ministries during law school. The Blue Dog questions why his campaign staff advertises ‘heavenly merit badges’ for ‘earthly political offices’ — yet doesn’t mention his birthplace?

In search of a birthright, frantic VA Democratic Bloggers have been quoting the ‘Almanac of Virginia Politics,’ which lists Kaine’s birthplace as Minnesota and the fact that Kaine graduated from the University of Missouri and Harvard Law School in Massachusetts. Does he have resident time in those three states?

Maybe, Tim ‘a-la-Steve Chapman’ Kaine might have registered to vote in those places to prove his residences? By the way, we bloggers have read the tear-jerking accounts of Chapman’s favorite doggie Mr. Nixon and his demise, but what about the dog’s birthplace?

What’s the real story… err, sorry folks, I’m dogressing again…

Back to Kaine. Is he another case study for alien abductions? NOTE: The Blue Dog is not ‘yip-yapping’ about those illegal Hispanic aliens trampling over our unprotected Mexican-American borders either. I’m talking about space aliens and UFOs!

For all we know, Tim ‘the spaceboy’ Kaine might have been born in the desert ranchland north of the little town of Roswell, New Mexico. But enough of the conspiracy theories…

Where in the heck was Tim Kaine born?

~ Chucho Azul

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  1. Waldo Jaquith Avatar
    Waldo Jaquith

    Most every time that I’ve seen Tim Kaine speak, he talks about being raised in Missouri, attending University of Missouri, etc. It doesn’t seem to be any particular secret.

  2. Sisson know this Waldo, he’s just trying to stir up a new controversy where none exists.

  3. Laszlo Avatar

    I’m still waiting for the Kilgore debate schedule. Has anybody seen it? Where can it be?

  4. John Behan's Twin Avatar
    John Behan’s Twin


    Are you trying to stir up regional rivalries? My god! After all we’ve been through in this country, people are trying to divide us and making fun of people from certain regions. I condemn it. Strongly.

  5. Will Vehrs Avatar
    Will Vehrs

    Laszlo, I’m still waiting for Kaine to schedule a debate with Russ Potts. If he wants to debate so bad and wants to make Kilgore look bad, why doesn’t he debate Potts and the empty chair? I’m still waiting.

  6. Laszlo Avatar


    I have a better idea. Let’s start with a Fitch-Kilgore debate.

    You need to get over your fears. It’s not about making anybody look bad, it’s about talking, side by side, concerning the issues.

    An empty chair speaks loud and clear. Don’t let it speak for you. Grab a chair.

  7. Steven Avatar

    Not so fast, Waldo and Beth…

    If Mr. RaisingKaine was born there, how come it’s not listed anywhere?

    It’s non-existant on every candidate questionaire posted on the ‘Net, including his own Kaine for Governor web site

    Do a google web search and prove me wrong. I’ll apologize to ‘the choirboy’ — but for right now, I say it’s another episode of Tim Kaine’s Accent-Gate.

    ~ the blue dog

    SIDE BAR: Waldo, are you really Pastor John? All the ‘Pub bloggers say it’s either you or RaisingKaine.com’s Lowell Feld.

    It’s hilarious fodder.

  8. Anonymous Avatar

    there is another theory put forth on valleysense about “pastor john.”

  9. Sisson drop the pretense.
    Everywhere Kaine has gone for the last two years he tells the story of growing up in Kansas City, his dad owning a welding business, how he met Governor Warner in law school etc…

    Listen carefully blue dog…

    I’ll write slowly for you…

    H e w a s b o r n in M i s s o u r i . . .

  10. Distressed in Harrisonburg Avatar
    Distressed in Harrisonburg

    Dear Bluedog,

    I need your advice.
    The republican party that I have loved all of my life seems to be losing its mind. I’m not sure of her fidelity anymore. She used to tell me that she thought deficit spending and big government was a bad thing but over the last couple of years she is enjoying just doing what ever she wants without any thought of who is going to eventually have to pay for her promises and neglect and shortsighted thinking.

    I can’t believe anything she tells me anymore.

    Should I leave her? Should I try to find someone who actually does what they say and tries to do the right thing?

    Can this marriage be saved Bluedog?

    What should I do?

  11. Steven Avatar


    I could be wrong, but if that’s the ‘show me’ state? Then, please show me Tim Kaine ‘official’ birthplace — or is that to hard for you to comprehend?

  12. Steven Avatar

    Distressed Pub in H-burg:

    Losing a love one … It’s a terribly sad thing!

    Just ask the ‘Pub House candidate Steve Chapman, who lost his beloved doggie, Mr. Nixon.

    Sorry “Distressed” — but I only counsel wayward Shenandoah Valley Democrats who elect politicians who tax and spend too much.

    I would love to help, but…

    At this time, I can’t take on anymore patients because Governor Mollycoddle has infected 55-percent of Virginian’s population. It’s raining liberal Democrats here in the valley. I must admit … It’s been a bit overwhelming!

    Perhaps your feeling ‘signature sluggish’ and constantly late for deadlines?

    If so, it could be a simply case of E. coli Hangerthritis. The symptoms are old ideas with no meat — and voting for revenue enhancements.

    In that case, I advise you contact the H-burg ‘Pub chairman John Elledge for a 30-second rub down with anti-Ben Gay.

    ~ the blue dog

  13. Waldo Jaquith Avatar
    Waldo Jaquith

    Waldo, are you really Pastor John? All the ‘Pub bloggers say it’s either you or RaisingKaine.com’s Lowell Feld.

    a) I’m not that smart.
    b) I only write under my name. Though I strongly support the right to anonymous and pseudonymous expression, I think that it’s inappropriate for me to engage in it.

  14. Steven Avatar

    Waldo, I think you’re super smart.

    And so do the folks at the Sorensen Institute and Virginia’s coffee house circuit and Arlington-Alexandria wine & cheese parties. You son, are the great white liberal hope of C-ville — better known as the Republic of Charlottesville.

    Great insight, bad issues — but I do enjoy your liberal ramblings.

    Today, I talked with ‘up & coming’ director Sean about this Pastor John persona theory.

    I’ll see you in the ‘burg this weekend? I promise to be a nice dog and wear a muzzle.

    ~ the blue dog

  15. Waldo Jaquith Avatar
    Waldo Jaquith

    I’ll see you in the ‘burg this weekend? I promise to be a nice dog and wear a muzzle.

    Hell yeah. I’ll be out late with the bar crew, celebrating my graduation. About the time we’ll all be eating dinner and listening to Whit Clement speak, I’ll be graduating from Virginia Tech. (I assume it counts, even if I’m not there.)

    Just remember — what’s said at Sorensen stays at Sorensen. 🙂

    Now, if I could only finagle an invite to an Arlington wine & cheese party… I don’t think I’ve ever been there. Certainly not for wine or cheese. But if I could have a few glasses of Châteauneuf du Pape or a nice little Gewurztraminer…well, I think that would be well worth the drive.

  16. Steven Avatar

    “Just remember — what’s said at Sorensen stays at Sorensen. :)”

    Yes sireebob! Mr. Sean reminded me yesterday.

    ~ the blue dog

  17. Sean O’Brien is a bada$$ mother F-er

  18. Anonymous Avatar

    where is Tim Kaine REALLY borned and where is his HOME STATE???? I’m dying to know!!! please tell me because I can’t find it anywhere and I have been trying to look for two days already!!! answer me asap…..

  19. Anonymous Avatar

    Hey Bluedog:
    I agree with what you said that Kaine doesn’t seem to have a birth place. I’ve been searching on him for a whole day and I couldn’t fin where he was born, and still I hevent figured it out yet because you something and one of the person who left you a comment said that he is from missoury. SO which one is right?? I’m doing this project and it’s due this Friday, and I think you are the only one who can give me a lift. So I won’t argue about anything because I’m not a big polititian I’m just doing this project for civis thats the only reason I’m in the middle of this.

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