Theocracy Postponed. Wittman Wins Nomination.

In an exciting convention battle with more than 1,000 participants, Del. Rob Wittman, a first-term lawmaker from the Northern Neck, won the Republican nomination to fill the congressional seat of the late Rep. Jo Ann Davis of Gloucester. Wittman, a state employee for the Division of Shellfish Sanitation, touted his experience in local government. He emerged as the winner of a free-for-all between 11 contenders, including Bacon’s Rebellion columnist James Bowden.

In the early stages of the convention, conservative Newport News businessman Paul Jost was deemed to have the edge. But his support eroded, and the momentum shifted to Wittman. Del. Harvey Morgan, R-Middlesex, told the Daily Press that there was a widespread concern that Jost was too conservative.”We’ve lost a number of elections because the candidates were too far to the right,” he said. “The forces that won here were the forces of moderation.”

Secular humanists can rest easy. Democracy is safe. Jim Bowden won’t have a chance to impose a theocracy on America after all. (To learn more about the Bowden menace, read the comments in “Jim Bowden: Not a Candidate for the Baby Kissers.”)

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24 responses to “Theocracy Postponed. Wittman Wins Nomination.”

  1. Darrell -- Chesapeake Avatar
    Darrell — Chesapeake

    “The forces that won here were the forces of moderation.”

    Yeah right. The same moderates that force their HRTA crap down the people’s throat and were ousted by the citizenry?

    The forces that won here are the status quo GOB’s that wanted Marty Williams.

    This election? Forgit about it!

  2. Larry Gross Avatar
    Larry Gross

    another satisfied customer! 🙂

  3. Anonymous Avatar

    “We’ve lost a number of elections because the candidates were too far to the right”

    That’s the most intelligent comment I have read from a Republican in at least 10 years.

  4. Larry Gross Avatar
    Larry Gross

    yeah.. I’m kinda shocked… myself


    Wittman R 99 100%

    that 100% is his League of Conservation Voters report card!

    he was one of 10

    here are the issues that decided his score:

    Renewable Portfolio Standard
    Electric Utility Self-Regulation
    Offshore Drilling
    Climate Change in Virginia
    HB 3202
    Transportation Performance Standards
    Guiding Growth
    SLAPP Suits
    Citizen Board Consolidation Bills
    Natural Resources Funding

    somebody must have slipped the attendees… “kool-aid”.

    are we witnesses the moderate R’s taking back their party?

  5. Anonymous Avatar

    A few points on the Bowden dilemma.

    The GOP needs to listen to moderates and stellaer players such as John Warner who says the Republicans badly need to get back to the “big tent” philosophy that accomodates many views.For too long, the Virginia GOP has pandered to the extreme. Bodwen, who probably was never a real contender anyway for the GOP 1st District Congressional seat, was too loaded with extremist baggage. One would think that GOPers would want to take stock of their recent election reversals — and the big mistake of George W. Bush — and reassess. It could be they wre on the way to doing so.

    As far as Jim Bacon’s sarcasm in telling us secular humanism is safe, well Jim Bacon might want to ponder that he really can’t have it both ways.

    Bacon is a proponent of the “Creative Class” that can be in large part homosexual as it uses its creative and cultural advantages to revive inner city areas. In so doing, the Creative Class fits the “patterns of human settlement” goals of Bacon and his mentor Ed. Risse.

    But whether he wants to admit it or not, Bacon has been giving Bowden and his wingnut views a free ride in his political campaign. Bowden stands against the Creative Class because he believes homosexuality is “evil.” As a Congressman, he would have passed any law to disenfranchise gays and throw obstacles in their path.

    So, Jim Bacon, make up your mind. What would it have been? Creative Class or James Atticus Bowden? You can’t have it both ways and you can’t weasel out by simply saying, “of course I don’t agree with all of his “Bodwen’s) views.

    We’re waiting . . .

  6. Darrell -- Chesapeake Avatar
    Darrell — Chesapeake

    “We’ve lost a number of elections because the candidates were too far to the right”

    “are we witnesses the moderate R’s taking back their party?”

    What you are seeing are the same backwoods elitists whose actions have succeeded in alienating their party from the people.

    They just haven’t gotten the message from the latest elections.

    Tidewater is revolting, but the GOBs are still making excuses and betting that the safe haven northern end of 1st CD will outvote the rebelrousers in HR. That could very well be a sucker’s bet by the RPV, placed right next to their latest choices.

    Williams? Gone.
    Stall? A hard right winger, who decided to join em instead of beat em. Gone.
    Welch? Gone.
    Waldrup? Gone, along with a budding family dynasty.
    Rerras? Gone.

    In fact if you look at the results for Hampton Roads, you will find one thing in common. All these losers were supported by the ‘moderate’ wing of the RPV. The same group that decided government by the people is just too inconvenient.

    This isn’t an issue of right or left, but of right and wrong.

  7. Reid Greenmun Avatar
    Reid Greenmun

    Clearly the “leadership” of the GOP doesn’t understand WHY they are losing elections.

    HB 3202 was bad government, plain and simple.

    Nominating a proponent of HB 3202 reveals the denial the GOP “leadership” remains trapped within.

    It is more of the same losing strategy – if you can call it that. The foolish “big tent” strategy that is predicated on the notion that somehow the GOP can become the party of more government, more government spending, more government debt, ignore the voters (as in the 2002 regional sales tax referenda in Tidewater and NORVA – and the rejection of RINO Marty Williams in the VA 1st Senate District), and become more “moderate” – and still retain the support of true Republicans.

    You remember? The GOP being a party of less government, less government spending, tax cuts, and fighting to control Socialism and they expanding abuses of taxpayers at the hands of too many layers of unaccountable government?

    Paul Jost was the right person to support. James Bowden was also worthy of the support of the Republican Party.

    Both respect and fight for true Republican Party principles and values.

    Both understand that becoming a prostitute to the special interests businesses that wanted HB 3202 so that they can enrich themselves was an abuse of their fiduciary responsibility to serve the best interest of the taxpayers and citizens – and to protect citizens from having too much of their hard earned money taken by force and redistributed for non-essentail government boondoggles.

    Obviously the guy they selected does not believe such things or he would not have voted to support HB 3202!

    I guess this means the Virginia GOP will have to lose everything before they finally throw out their self-proclaimed “leadership” and return to acting and voting as real Republicans; instead trying to force Conservates to accpet becoming “Moderates” – which is really code for becoming Liberal and supporting Socialism as a means to buy votes – or at least TRY to buy votes.

    When will the GOP comprehend that they will never out spend nor support Socialism more than the left-leaning Democratic Party?

    Its foolish to even play such a losing hand.

    When will they learn that true Republicans will not vote for RINOs simply to keep THEM, the “leadership” of the GOP – in political power?

    Obviously not until they have turned all of Virginia into a new Democratic Party strong hold.

    John Hagar needs to go. Senator John Warner is really a closet Democrat wearing a GOP lapel pin, and even AG Bob McDonnell sold out on HB 3202. Heck, almost all of the current crop of so-called “GOP” officials sold out the citizens of Tidewater by voting FOR HB 3202.

    HB 3202 is a “STD” – that being a Socialist Transmitted Disease – sadly the GOP leadership is infected and it is the gift that keeps giving —

    – – – keeps giving Democratic Party candidates Victories.

    These blind followers proclaiming that “being moderate” is the answer to winning elections have learned NOTHING from the beating they just took at the ballot box.

    What they propose is simply to offer voters two parties that support big government, support higher taxes, support growing government debt, and support standing up unaccountable regional government – unaccountable regional government and more state and local debt.

    While doing this, they mistaken believe that “Conservatives” will vote for the “R” instead of the “D” – and they can keep what was once the Republican “base” while turning into a mirro image of the Democratic Party.

    Hey guys … how is that working out for you?

    How did that last few elections go?

    Oh … that’s right – Virginia is becoming controlled by the Democratic Party.

    Gee – maybe that “Moderate strategy” isn’t the answer your were told it was???

    Naw, that can’t be it. It’s gotta be those darn “radical” right causing the GOP to lose!

    You know, those radicals that will not support people that voted for HB 3202 – and that allowed state spending to skyrocket on their watch.

    It’s those anti-tax “radicals” “wing nuts” that point out that the GOP failed to keep their promise to end the car tax!

    Yeah, it’s THEIR fault the RINOs and the rest of the GOP have lost the support of the GOP “base”.

    Aw, who needs that base anyway?

    Let’s just pander to “minorities” instead – soon there will be more of THEM then there will be people that are Conservatives.

    The GOP needs to dump the Conservatives and go after the left-leaning Social Program supporting, taxpayer-subsidized Universial healthcare vote.

    Yeah … THAT’S the ticket!!!

  8. Anonymous Avatar

    Interesting. Most of the people commenting on Wittman know nothing about him. His 100 percent rating from a conservation group doesn’t reveal anything about his position on taxes, second amendment, right to life, etc — dozens of other key issues. So he went with the flow and voted for HR 3202 — freshmen tend not to buck the leadership. I think most people will find they like him — he’s no Paul Jost of course.

    But that’s the point, morons. Jost was tainted goods from the git go, a loser of the first order. I think Wittman will fit in nicely with Forbes and Cantor and will win comfortably, then vote as a reliable conservative and a committed conservationist.

    The GOP isn’t dead yet. But you idiots will kill it before you are done.

  9. James Atticus Bowden Avatar
    James Atticus Bowden

    Again, I love vitriol from some folks.

    I don’t think homosexual behavior is evil, but I do think it is sinful, like adultery, incest and bestiality.

    Is all sin evil? I’m not an English major, a logic maven or semantic guru to take that on. I’ve never written about it as some evil. Just sinful.

    Funny how some people can never move their politics beyond the issues of homosexual sex.

    As to my ‘extremist’ baggage, that would only be if I showed up in a Liberal convention.

    Let’s say 1200 delegates actually showed up on Sat. I’ll bet that maybe 400 – tops – knew anything about me. Anything at all. This wasn’t the conventions where I was elected in 02 and 04 – where I had the delegate list and made 400 phone calls before hand. This was a mixed crowd of political faithful and folks pulled in by the campaigns.

    Let’s hope that the Democrat Candidate Forgit (sp) said he was in favor of HB 3202 or Regional Government somewhere.

  10. Reid Greenmun Avatar
    Reid Greenmun

    We Conservatives don’t need people that will “go with the flow” when the “flow” is to inflict horrible government on the citizens – such as HB 3202!

    We also don’t need the petty name calling such as “idiots” for true Conservatives that understand WHY the Virginia GOP is getting their butts whipped by the DEMs.

    This arrogance and condescension is an example of how lost the GOP status quo – “big test” disciples have become.

    That last post makes my point so clearly – GOP “strategists” are more concerned about trying to win elections then thy are about getting true Conservatives elected – Conservatives that will stand and fight for the Conservative agenda – not “go with the flow” because the GOP hopes to win elections by abandoning Conservative principles and moving towards the “center” in hopes of patronizing more non-Conservative voters to “swing” their votes away from the Liberal DEMs.

    This “Moderate Strategy” is causing the Conservative base to tune their backs on the GOP – because the GOP leadership has turned their backs on true Conservatives like Paul Jost.

    Folks here you have it – a true Conservative and loyal Republican is branded a “loser” – actually the gutless poster hiding behind the name “anonymous” wrote; “tainted goods from the git go, a loser of the first order. Why? Because Paul Jost has the courage and integrity to stand up for true Conservative values and principles.

  11. Reid Greenmun Avatar
    Reid Greenmun

    Grrr – Typos!

    I meant to write:

    This arrogance and condescension is an example of how lost the GOP status quo – “big tent” disciples have become.

    Yet, it ironically the abandon Conservative values and principles in favor of shifting towards a “moderate” “big tent” concept has been a big test – one that failed to produce the results it was intended to – unless of course the goal was to have Democrats replace Republicans in Virginia.

  12. Anonymous Avatar

    So James Atticus Bowden thinks homosxeuality is “sinful” and not “evil.” That’s a hell of a distinction.

    Being gay is the same as having sex with your child or dog, he says.

    All I can say is, good riddance!

  13. Larry Gross Avatar
    Larry Gross

    Reid said: “.. respect and fight for true Republican Party principles and values.
    Obviously the guy they [the convention] selected does not believe such things or he would not have voted to support HB 3202!

    I guess this means the Virginia GOP will have to lose everything before they finally throw out their self-proclaimed “leadership” and return to acting and voting as real Republicans;”

    The Daily Press said: “Democrat Ralph Northam, a neurosurgeon, defeated Sen. D. Nick Rerras, R-Norfolk; anti-tax Republican Tricia Stall lost to Democrat John C. Miller in a race on the Peninsula”

    so… is the idea that the two Republicans who lost in Tidewater would have not lost if they had been further to the right?

    I’m trying to understand how even more conservatives R’s would win when less conservative ones are losing.

    If the R’s ran Bowden or Joist, they would have more than likely handed yet ANOTHER seat to the Dems….


    It sounds like some conservative folks would rather run their ideal conservative … knowing that they’ll lose… but content that they ran a “pure” R.

    I’m trying to follow the reasoning and I cannot see how running far right candidates is a winning strategy – at least in terms of gaining elective office.

  14. Jim Bacon Avatar

    Anonymous 6:50, I regard homosexuality as neither “evil” nor “sinful.” As a Darwinist, I regard it as a “natural” behavior, in the sense that a homosexual orientation is in the natural order of things, either determined by genetics or events in the womb. I say that by way of preface to make it clear that I am not defending JAB’s views on homosexuality, which I disagree with.

    However, I don’t think it helps the cause of rational debate to mischaracterize someone else’s position. JAB did not say, “Being gay is the same as having sex with your child or dog.” He said homosexual *behavior* is a sin, just as pedophilia and bestiality are sins.

    Now, it is possible that JAB believes that homosexual behavior is just as sinful as pedophilia and bestiality, but we don’t know that for a fact because he has not addressed that issue (not on this blog, at least). I suggest that we would have a more productive exchange of views if we asked him.

    If JAB believes what you suggest he does, then we have something to discuss here. And I will heartily take your side of the debate.

  15. Anonymous Avatar

    Bowden did place homosexuality on the same level of sin as incest or bestiality. The choice of comparison is his. Bacon, you can’t split hairs over this one.

    And you have failed to answer a previous question about how you can back the “Creative Class” concept with its reliance upon creative gays revitalizing inner cities and thus fulfilling the “human settlement pattern goals” while you simulatneously defend gay-bashers like James Atticus Bowden.

    Instead of splitting hairs, you might explain this important contradiction.

    BR 549

  16. Jim Bacon Avatar

    BR 549, I defend Bowden’s right to express an opinion without having it distorted by those who don’t like him. I do NOT endorse or defend his views of homosexuality.

    One of the key features that Richard Florida says attracts members of the creative class is *tolerance* for racial and cultural differences. Tolerance is a two-way street. That means tolerating religious minorities like the 10 percent or so of the population that shares the same values of Jim Bowden. Not agreeing with them — just tolerating them.

    Many of the most *intolerant* views that I have seen expressed on this blog emanate from the left side of the political spectrum. I find it remarkable that many people who find Bowden’s views to be beyond the pale of respectable discourse would be the first to leap to the defense of radical Muslims to hold views that could be regarded as even more pernicious in any other context.

  17. James Atticus Bowden Avatar
    James Atticus Bowden

    Anon 10:39. Homosexual sex, not homosexuality, – the behavior is sinful. According to the Bible.

    This is the wrong thread to try to define sins, their differences, etc – different church dogmas on cardinal sins, etc.

    Perhaps another time and place.

    Please continue with the name-calling. It illustrates the strength of your argument.

    To say that homosexual sin is sinful because the Bible says so, doesn’t make one a ‘gay-basher’ except in the language of those who need to name call – because they can’t contend, compete, in the marketplace of ideas.

  18. Anonymous Avatar

    Bowden has been making his opinions known aggressively for at least a few years on this blog. He uses terms such as “Yankee” or “liberal” as pejorative adjectives.

    If someone offers a strong rebuttal that person is somehow “intolerant.”

  19. James Atticus Bowden Avatar
    James Atticus Bowden

    Pejorative adjectives?

    How about descriptive adjectives…

    Yankee are persons from the Northern states who have moved to Virginia. They are from a sub-culture which is different from the Tidewater or Scot-Irish sub-cultures in the U.S. (see Jim Webb’s book, Born Fighting).

    Liberals are persons who share the same ideas – more or less (the taxonomies for political thinking are never perfectly clean) – with the other good human secularists. The intellectual heritage of their ideas goes to the French Revolution (read Gertrude Himmelfarb and others). Conversely, Conservatives think the same things – as the same words were written in the same language – as the Founders from our American Revolution.

    How does a person make your opinions known “aggressively” as opposed to “passively” making your opinionns know?

  20. Anonymous Avatar

    Gee, thanks for the book cites. I see we’re dealing with a true intellectual.

  21. Larry Gross Avatar
    Larry Gross

    dang… sprayed wine on my laptop…

  22. Anonymous Avatar

    Mr. Bacon – isn’t there a difference between flat-out intolerance and just plain ridicule? When did we get to anxious to toss the ‘intolerant’ label around? I mean, the people who think JA Bowden has a screw loose are just saying so. They’re not demanding you shut him down.
    And, to carry the marketplace-of-ideas metaphor a bit farther, when you go to the market you’re going to find some shops you don’t like. If you’re a shopkeeper, hearing people complain is just part of doing business.

  23. Anonymous Avatar

    Yankess can be the Anglo-Saxon Protestant, monied class of New Englanders.

    Yankees can be flinty, tough rural residents of the New England countryside.

    Yankees can be any American visiting a foreign country that has problems with “W.”

    Yankees can be Army officers, like Bowden once was.

    When I went to South Carolina once and went fishing, someone asked me where I was from. I said Virginia. He said, “Yankee.”

    James Atticus Bowden, I am afraid you do not know all the answers in this vast marketplace of ideas.

    BR 549

  24. Jim Bacon Avatar

    Anonymous 4:28, Let me explain… Bacon’s Rebellion has always embraced the philosophy expressed in the “About This Blog” section, which reads, “Direct all the fire and fury you want at another person’s argument, but do not engage in ad hominem attacks.”

    We’ve done a pretty good job of living up to that ideal. On occasions, hopefully rare, I have broken my own standard — and my readers let me know about it. Clearly, that’s what the readers of this blog are looking for, too.

    I know that Bowden’s ideas are controversial — even more so because he expresses them clearly and forthrightly. Anybody is more than welcome to criticize Bowden on the basis of what he says. Go to it! That’s what this blog is all about. If people find his ideas intolerant, that’s more than fine. All I would suggest is that labeling something “intolerant” is not, by itself, a terribly persuasive exercise. Show me how Bowden’s ideas are intolerant. If you, or anyone else, makes your case with facts and reasoned argument, then you can have all the space on this blog you could possibly want — even if I disagree with you.

    If I am being inconsistent in the way I apply this philosophy, let me know. Other readers do. I’ve had to eat humble pie on more than one occasion.

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