Yelp, Here Comes ILP (Intelligence-Led Policing)Rand Corporation

Law enforcement has evolved from political policing to professional policing to community-based policing, and it’s morphing again — to Intelligence-Led Policing, which relies heavily upon database analysis.

Rebuilding Wisconsin’s Interstates with Tolls
Reason Foundation/Wisconsin Policy Research Institute
Over the next 30 years, Wisconsin’s Interstate system will exceed its 50- to 60-year life span. Modernizing it will cost $26.2 billion, way more money than Wisconsin has. Thirty-year bonds backed by tolls could pay for most of the reconstruction.

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6 responses to “The Wonk Salon, October 4, 2011”

  1. re: policing – police are now becoming prolific users of drones…..not the big weaponized behemoths but smaller hand-held versions that can look into fenced yards …. into windows… and in general snoop from above ….

  2. If police are using drones, they are using them illegally, unless they get special exceptions from FAA. it is not legal to fly unmanned aircraft in US airspace.

  3. The article specifically says that FAA permission is exceedingly rare: which hardly allows police to be prolific users of the devices.

  4. how would anyone know if it is a police drone verses a recreational model or a kite or a helicopter?

    think Hydra.. think…

  5. Recreational models and helicopters face the their own regulations, which normally would preclude such use. Also, the regs state that if you use a recreational model for such activities, then it is no longer a recreational model, and stiffer regualtions apply.

    The police would be fools to collect information illegally: good way to blow a conviction.

    The idea that the police can do whatever they want as long as no one knows is a pretty sick idea. They need to follow the highest ethical standards.

  6. I see kites and recreational models and even ultra-lights all the time… I don’t read about the FAA going after ultra-lights… eh?

    and RF aircraft and helicopters can be bought legally ….everywhere…

    I assume when people buy them …they use them…

    how would the FAA monitor and enforce when thousands are in use?

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