The Wonk Salon, August 21, 2011

No Verdict Yet on Patient-Centered Medical HomesUrban Institute

Patient-centered medical homes are the hot new idea in health care reform. The idea has lots of potential but policy makers should await the results of numerous pilot projects before adopting the model wholesale.

Pollution Still Impacts Infant Mortality
National Bureau of Economic Research
Although air pollution is much reduced by the Clean Air Act, exhaust from automobile driving still negatively effects human health

Climate Change Impact on Louisiana: Minimal
Science & Public Policy Institute
Temperatures haven’t increased in Louisiana a century, rainfall has increased slightly and two-thirds the rise in sea levels is due to subsidence, not the melting of icecaps.

Nursing Home Quality Suffers Little After Private Investment
Government Accountability Office
Does the quality of care provided by nursing homes deteriorate after private-investment companies take them over? On average, the GAO says, no.

Do Franchise Schools Out-Perform Independents? In Chile, Yes
Cato Institute
The experience in Chile suggests that franchise schools, which are part of larger organizations, out-perform smaller, independent schools when measured by student achievement.

The Case for End-of-Life Counseling
American Enterprise Institute
End-of-life counseling is a good idea. It lets patients and families know their options and reduces unnecessarily heroic life-prolonging measures. Just don’t expect it to end runaway health care costs.

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