The Washington Post Reviews Progressive In-Fighting at the New York Times – A Cultural Cliff?

Eric Wemple Washington Post

by James C. Sherlock

Eric Wemple, the media critic of Northern Virginia’s morning newspaper, The Washington Post, has just published an article “The New York Times newsroom is splintering over a trans coverage debate.”

I subscribe to both papers.

The review is unintentionally hilarious. The comments more so.

It provides context from the left for our debates here on hormone and surgery treatments of minors.

The New York Times is racked with internal dissent over internal dissent — a development stemming from multiple open letters sent last week to newspaper management taking issue with the paper’s recent coverage of transgender youth.

Seems there is a war among the woke over who is the most woke, and who is insufficiently so.

Some Times journalists are:

disappointed to see the New York Times follow the lead of far-right hate groups in presenting gender diversity as a new controversy warranting new, punitive legislation.

Yeah, that New York Times.


In response, New York Times Executive Editor Joe Kahn and Opinions chief Kathleen Kingsbury defended the coverage and deplored staffers’ involvement in the protest: ‘We do not welcome, and will not tolerate, participation by Times journalists in protests organized by advocacy groups or attacks on colleagues on social media and other public forums,’ their letter reads.

Then, from Wemple,

An informed source says that disciplinary actions are underway.

Wemple then asks the right question.

Hold on a second: Was the union chief arguing that Times content itself — the gist of its stories; the reportorial choices in investigative pieces, for example — constituted ‘workplace conditions’ that employees have a right to address?

The Times protestors’ answer to that question was yes.

But Wemple again:

Newspaper leaders are correct to respond firmly to an advocacy petition. Journalists, after all, are paid to cover such efforts, not join them.

Who knew?

Bottom line. We may have reached maximum woke in mainstream media corporate newsrooms when the management of The New York Times is cracking down.

And the media voice of The Washington Post backs them up.

One of the commenters on Wemple’s story wrote:

I think both WaPo and the NYT are center-right news organizations that promote Republican Culture Wars as much as far-right media organizations do.

I read them every day, and I missed that.

I’ll look closer.

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2 responses to “The Washington Post Reviews Progressive In-Fighting at the New York Times – A Cultural Cliff?”

  1. Donald Smith Avatar
    Donald Smith

    Erik Wemple is the “sineater” of the Washington Post.

    Sineaters were people who would, supposedly, cleanse other people of their sins after they died. The relatives of the departed would put food on their bodies. The food represented the sins the dear departed committed in life. The sineater would then come in, eat the food, and symbolically cleanse the dead of their sins before they went into the afterlife.

    Wemple writes often about “sins” the WaPo has committed. I guess Bezos and Company feels that Wemple’s apologias cleanse them of those sins….which makes it easy for them to sin again, as long as Erik is around! Erik writes thoughtfully and regretfully about past WaPo sins and—voila! The sin is cleansed!

  2. f/k/a_tmtfairfax Avatar

    The perfect example of why journalism is no longer a profession. Advocates instead of reporters. Writing not for the paper’s customers but for their own personal satisfaction.

    I’m glad I’m a member of a real profession that focuses on the needs of the clients. A lawyer isn’t much of a lawyer if he/she never makes arguments that she/he doesn’t really like or represent people that the lawyer really doesn’t like or respect.

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