The Latest Campaign Finance Reports for State Senate Races

by Jeanine Martin

October finance reports are available at

Below is the amount of money raised in the most competitive Senate districts from October 1st to the 26th. Once again, Democrats, the party of the rich, have raised more money than Republicans in almost every race. But the energy we’re seeing around the commonwealth for Republican candidates has been impressive.


  • Siobhan Dunnavant (R) raised $1,864,250 with $579,752 cash on hand.
  • Schuyler VanValkenburg (D) raised $2,242,337 with $517,570 cash on hand.


  • Emily Brewer (R) raised $791,781 with $157,982 cash on hand.
  • Clint Jenkins (D) raised $1,082,825 with $249 cash on hand.


  • Kevin Adams (R) raised $202,071 with $52,083 cash on hand.
  • Aaron Rouse (D) raised $362,368 with $158,333 cash on hand.


  • Danny Diggs (R) raised $1,827,768 with $191,623 cash on hand.
  • Monty Mason (D) raised $1,787,108 with $141,697 cash on hand.


  • Tara Durant (R) raised $1,691,599 with $322,618 cash on hand.
  • Joel Griffin (D) raised $2,120,153 with $553,406 cash on hand.
  • Monica Gary (I) raised $27,735 with $10,418 cash on hand.


  • Danica Roem (D) raised $571,904 with $160,832 cash on hand.
  • Bill Woolf (R) raised $687,220 with $108,395 cash on hand.


  • Russet Perry (D) raised $2,672,498 with $388,994 cash on hand.
  • Juan Pablo Segura (R) raised $2,139,071 with $300,210 cash on hand.

All candidates, for all offices around the commonwealth, can be found here with their latest financial reports.

Republished with permission from The Bull Elephant.