Thank you, Jim Bacon…

…for allowing me to rejoin this stable of thoroughbreds. My mother told me once, in a fit of exasperation, that she could leave me in a strange country and in two hours I’d know every loose screw and odd-ball within 200 miles. And that’s before she evey met any of ya’ll! I have spent my time away in productive pursuit of knowledge and understanding. I know my role here is to catch the spears you throw, and I am game for that. And while you’re limbering up, I’ll go over a couple of things I’ve reaffirmed as truisms: you can’t borrow yourself out of debt, you can’t pave your way out of congestion. I’m still having a little trouble with ‘human settlement patterns,’ but I have figured out why good Baptists don’t engage in intercourse standing up. They don’t want folks to think they’re dancing!

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(comments below)


  1. Steven Avatar

    Welcome back, Mr. Day!

    ~ the blue dog

  2. Thank god!

  3. Welcome back. Your perspective has been missed, even if I don’t share it very often.

  4. Will Vehrs Avatar
    Will Vehrs

    I don’t know much about human settlement patterns, either, Barnie, but I’m glad you’ve settled back here with us–the enlightened, the knuckle-draggers, and those evolving or devolving, as the case may be. We’re glad you’re ready to catch our spears, but we know that you’ve been known to toss a few well-aimed ones yourself.

    All’s right in the Bacon’s Rebellion world, at least for tonight!

  5. Laszlo Avatar

    Good to hear from you Barnie. Looking forward to reading your new book. Words of reason again from The Meadows of the Dan.

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