EMR is posting this thank you here because so many have reported that they do not bother with the comments due to the volume of New Flat Earth Society, the Business-As-Usual Crowd and 12.5 Percenter comments that our posts on this site engender. Especially now that Jim Bacon is gone.

No one should miss Groveton’s great 9 Dec 08 post at 8:43 (Pages 13, 14 and 15 for those who print out important posts) on STIMULATING DISASTER – II posted 8 December.

EMR hopes you do not object Groveton, Point 4 will appear in an End Note in Chapter 19 of TRILO-G – with attribution of course.

Re Point 5, my guess is that you have not looked up the Six Overarching Strategies we cited in our earlier response to you on this issue.

Problem is NOT figuring out what to do, the Problem it is convincing majority of citizens that the these six strategies (and others too, of course) are things that must be done.

That is the lynch pin if a democracy with a market economy is to be preserved – or should it be “restored” now that ‘the market’ is being bought up by Agencies?

One of the reasons it is hard to gain a majority of support for intelligent action is not just the New Flat Earth Society et. al. but a larger issue:

The subject of the post by Rabbit at 11:03 on the same string concerning centralization / decentralization by “jeffvail” of 10 Dec (The link did work for EMR) is a perfect example.

The whole post (and the graphic) that Rabbit referred to is great stuff but lacking an overarching Conceptual Framework of human settlement patterns and Vocabulary to articulate the Framework, it is not possible to communicate (“note use of “Suburbia” in title).

If you do not like The New Urban Regions Conceptual Framework and Vocabulary, come up with your own but do not pretend that it is possible to have meaningful dialogue without a comprehensive Conceptual Framework and a supporting Vocabulary.

One other thing, now EVERYONE has someone to blame for their 401K tanking. It was Fannie and Freddie. Now there is a fresh set of villains. You can either hate the Donkey Clan and the White House / Big Government Elephants or the Senate No-Bailouts Elephants concerning the Autonomobile bailout.

Just for fun reread “Riding the Tiger” of 2 June 2008.


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4 responses to “THANK YOU, GROVETON”

  1. Anonymous Avatar

    “One other thing, now EVERYONE has someone to blame for their 401K tanking. “

    I don’t know what you are talking about. My 401k is still in good shape.

    Yep, it is down 35% from its maximum high. But is still has 10x the amount that I actually put in, out of pocket.

    The 35% I have lost is money I would never have had without the investment.

    Investment in any company has risk, investment in any bond has risk, investment in any company has risk.

    The only other thing to do is go out and spend your money on still more overconsumption.

    But even then, I’d suggest that buying Saturn today had a certain risk, as does most any other product that may fail or not perform.

    Geez, EMR, get a life.


  2. EMR – You are too kind.

    As for attribution, please note that my full name is Groovy G. Groveton.

  3. E M Risse Avatar

    Groovy G:

    Will do.

    By the way EMR took the liberty of reversing the response to points two and three in the quoted para.

    Keep up the good work.

    All I got from Blogpress was spam and mal ware. They claimed to not know Groveton. Are you up yet there, as I recall you were on travel.

  4. Sorry EMR – Had a moment. It’s wordpress, not blogpress.

    Latest post concern how ESPN can save the Republican Party of Virginia.

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