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The Trouble with Guaranteed Student Loans

by Dr. A Schuhart

I benefitted directly from the guaranteed student loan program. Unlike most of my colleagues, I was a first-generation college student, and I took out loans for both BA and MA degrees. I would not have attended college were it not for this program, so I have always been grateful for it.

In my view, my fellow citizens invested $25,000 dollars in me, hoping to get a decent return on that investment. The government did not “give” it to me; I asked for it, and American taxpayers loaned it to me. I believe, after more than 30 years in the classroom teaching almost 10,000 students, that I have returned excellent value on that initial investment. If I am still paying my loans today (which I am), it is because of my own foolishness when younger, and not the fault of the program or its expectations of repayment.

So, I believe in the value of the Guaranteed Student Loan (GSL) program, and I think it has helped many people like me. Overall, it was a positive program when all parties participated in it with integrity. But it is clear that the program has spiraled out of control, and the very problems that were warned about at the outset have come to pass. Congress and the public should take the time to investigate that initial debate and look at the student loan “crisis” through a longitudinal lens.

So, what are the problems that were predicted at the outset of the program? Here they are as I recall them, and they are all related to this troublesome word… “guaranteed.” Continue reading

“You Have to…”

by Dr. A Schuhart

The indoctrinal push to impose Critical Race Theory across American society is centered in the verb phrase to have to. Its primary meaning states a requirement, but it is a requirement that also connotes a threat for failure to comply. In every training and in every managed discussion of DEI at the Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA) that I have to attend, the arguments used to “persuade” me have been prefaced by this troublesome helping verb.

I hear “you have to see that” and “you have to understand” and “you have to look at it this way” in every part of the structure of this vast toulminian hornswoggle known as CRT. Yes, it is true that if I see it your way, then I will agree with you. But it does not follow that because you think you are right, that I have to see it your way, or consequently, that you have the right to force to do so. This is an irrational claim, a fallacy at the core of CRT “reasoning.”

Further, this belief that I have to think, or see, your idea your way gives rise to a set of false deductions that end in conflict, rather than consensus. See, you who think I have to think about CRT and DEI a certain way fail, firstly, to declare your full logical claim. What you mean is I have to see it your way for it to be true because the only way CRT can be true is if everyone says it is true, for it is not logically true (as I am demonstrating here). Continue reading