Studying Illegal Immigration and Crime

People have a lot of opinions about illegal immigration, but there’s precious little data to back up their views. That’s about to change in Virginia. The Virginia State Crime Commission, according to the Associated Press, is establishing a task force to study the effect of illegal immigration on the state’s criminal justice system.

State lawmakers, frustrated with the federal government’s inaction on immigration reform, are taking on the issue. About 50 immigration-related bills were introduced during the 2007 General Assembly. “And each year, we still have almost no facts to base our decision upon,” said [Commission Chairman Kenneth Stolle, R-Virginia Beach].

Virginia is home to an estimated 250,000 to 300,000 illegal immigrants. The crime commission will will examine crimes by and against those immigrants and tabulate the financial impact of those crimes.

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(comments below)


4 responses to “Studying Illegal Immigration and Crime”

  1. nova_middle_man Avatar

    Quick question

    While all of these statistics are being gathered why aren’t some of these people being deported?



  2. Groveton Avatar

    I literally laughed out loud when I read this.

    “About 50 immigration-related bills were intorduced during the 2007 General Assembly” with “almost no facts to base our decision upon”. It’s good to see the state politicians showing the same level of competence and dilligence with immigration as they show with transportation.

    These guys couldn’t be bigger clowns if they came to work wearing size 22 shoes, bright white face makeup and red rubber balls glued to their noses.

    Nova_Middle_Man askes a good question. Illegal immigrants are … well … illegal (as in breaking the law). One crime we pretty much know is being committed by illegal immigrants is … well … being here illegally. That’s a fact even Chairman Stolle should be able to understand – without a crime commission study.

    So – why not enforce the law?

    For the record, I think we should allow more legal immigration and also enforce the law against those who are here illegally – including throwing their employers in jail.

    Stop the robbery – vote out all incumbents regardless of party.

  3. Gold_h2o Avatar

    I think we should revisit an Ellis Island type system where immigrants arrive at predetermined locations and go through a legal (civil rights, etc.) procedure to enter the country.

    While at these locations the immigrants should be documented, photographed, fingerprinted, given ID cards, tested for diseases, immunized if necessary, and given proper documents to obtain a job legally. A 30 minute class on citizenship might not be a bad idea either….they don’t necessarily need to become full fledged citizens….you could call them temporary workers, students, whatever.

    These locations should be close to where they are now entering the country illegally….i.e., The Texas/Arizona Border, New York, California, and perhaps a few more spots if they are deemed necessary.

    We did it once in our country’s history and I see no reason why we shouldn’t do it again. For all intents and purposes the Ellis Island style system worked.

    Per wikipedia, I obtained a list of “notable” Ellis Island immigrants. They include;

    Bob Hope, Irving Berlin, Knute Rockne, Isaac Asimov, and Albert Einstein.

    Give me break, this is not that hard.

  4. mantra77 Avatar

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