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The Fredericksburg Free-Lance Star offers a worthy quote of the week:

On discovering the acquisition of two trolleys (total price $320,000) instead of two buses ($120,000) would actually cost the Town of Culpeper $3,000 less because support would come from a different federal pot, Councilman Mike Olinger quipped, “If the federal government is going to waste [the money], I want them to waste it in our county.”

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  1. subpatre Avatar

    Does this surprise you?
    I’d be surprised at any politico who didn’t feel that way.

  2. Anonymous Avatar

    This is similar to Hilda Barg agreeing that the county shouldn’t fund a Day Labor center, but instead should get the state and federal governments to do so.

    She knows that the local citizens don’t want to pay for it, but figure it will be OK if the citizens of the entire state, or entire country, pay for it.

    Of course, we are in both of those groups as well. But don’t we all want to take other people’s money for ourselves?

  3. subpatre Avatar

    There’s an odd line to draw, and may look hypocritical. State and federal grant funds by and large are predetermined; they’ve already been allocated. The money isn’t returned to the treasury if (for some unfathomable reason) nobody’s awarded the funds.

    It may seem like a contradiction, but I see little wrong with both 1)Urging your delegate, senator, or congresscrittur to reduce spending, including grants, and 2)Applying for and using grants already available.

    A slight variation of Olinger’s quote: While the federal government is wasting the money, I want them to waste it in our county.”

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