Problem Solved in Manassas Park

Let me see if I’ve got this straight. According to the Manassas Journal-Messenger, there’s a canopy over the Virginia Railway Express station at Manassas Park — a canopy that’s the same size as those at other VRE stations.

But the City Council of Manassas Park wants a bigger canopy — one big enough to cover the entire train platform.

Because VRE and City Council disagree on whether or not their contract provides for a bigger shelter, City Council is refusing to pay the city’s $25,540 share of the purchase of 50 new VRE rail cars needed to replace expiring leases and aging equipment.

Six other localities along the VRE route have kicked in about $1.25 million for the new rail cars. Manassas Park is the only hold-out. But without the participation of all seven localities, the state of Virginia will not contribute critical matching funds.

Here’s the irony: Without the funds to buy new cars, VRE will have to cut the number of rail cars in service. That means fewer passengers, which means that Manassas Park won’t need that bigger canopy anyway!

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6 responses to “Problem Solved in Manassas Park”

  1. Ray Hyde Avatar

    This is a good example of what EMR calls the winner take all attitude. As usual, it causes everybody to lose.

    That said, the VRE shelters are inadequate.

  2. Anonymous Avatar

    I think it’s something in the water up there….

  3. Anonymous Avatar

    If they don’t want to pay their share, fine. Just don’t stop the train there. Go by a few times without stopping and they’ll get the message.

  4. Anonymous Avatar

    A precursor to regional transportation authorities, perhaps?

  5. Larry Gross Avatar
    Larry Gross

    I think the issue is equity or perhaps perceived inequity.

    And yes, you’d have the same issue with respect to Regional Transportation Authorities.

    Jurisdictions are encouraged to “join” such authorities with the explicit implication that it’s a shared enterprise with shared responsibilities and shared benefits.

    The financial support is proportional and there is an expectation that benefits would also be proportional.

    That’s called equity.

    Boy’s will be boys though and will always try to get more than their share or take their ball and go home.

    I’d also note that we already have a Regional Transportation Authority and it’s called the TPB MPO.

  6. Anonymous Avatar

    City Council elections are on May 2nd. I won’t be voting for two of the incumbents, Slater and Brendel.

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