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Yesterday, and elsewhere I speculated on a few threads that seemed to have emerged from the primary elections.

After chewing things over with some more folks last night, a few things seem to be coming together. And one of them is that George Allen may have stepped in a steaming pile of trouble.

My sources, and the sources they’ve spoken with, are almost incandescent with rage over Allen’s endorsements and active work on behalf of incumbents like Walter Stosch. Between the direct mail and the radio ads that provided a bit of right-wing cover for Stosch, the sense is that Allen has jilted them (a feeling that’s shared by Benny Lambert — “Lambert said his support of Allen probably cost him his job. ‘I thought the Allen folks would have helped me more, but it didn’t work out that way.’” Welcome to the club, Mr. Lambert).

Whether these hard feelings will remain in place long enough to do Allen any serious, long-term harm is debatable. But they are real enough right now that Allen might have a hard time beating “Other” in a two-way race for dog catcher.

Another very interesting picture emerging is the role and future of VCAP. The organization played no role in the Bell/Smith or Williams/Stall races. Where they did play, the record was, to be charitable, mixed. Some have called VCAP a paper tiger and others wonder if it’s involvement is a liability or a help. Given its resources, the organization is no paper tiger. But its role in future races will be a subject of debate in conservative circles for some time.

There were a few humorous pictures that came out of Tuesday’s results, as well, including the victory of Joe Morrissey in the 74th district. Morrissey is…colorful. Disbarred from the practice of law, noted for his fightin’ manner (literally) and so much more, he managed to win over the former incumbent, Floyd Miles, and one-time Richmond city council member Jackie Jackson. Morrissey had former Doug Wilder advisor Paul Goldman in his corner, which makes it logical to wonder whether Joe isn’t Wilder’s (unspoken) choice for the seat. When you add that Wilder (quietly) helped Reva Trammell oust Jackson in their in their council race in 2006, it makes for even more entertaining speculation.

But on a happy note, my Sorensen classmate Margie Vanderhye won the 34th district Democratic primary. I may disagree with her policy ideas, but there’s far more to life than politics. She’s just good people, and the HOD could use more folks like her.

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5 responses to “Primary Pictures”

  1. James Atticus Bowden Avatar
    James Atticus Bowden

    I agree – on those races where I know something.

    VCAP’s resources serve good causes. Making Stosch spend a million to win by a hair is a job well done.

    The case of the derriere against Allen (and Kilgore) for supporting incumbents > Conservative principles can be heard even over here on The Peninsula.

  2. Anonymous Avatar

    Given Allen’s performance in office and since, I am surprised that you are surprised that his reputation is in the flusher.

    Alpha Zeno

  3. Groveton Avatar

    Margi Vanderhye is a much better candidate than Richard “Rip” Sullivan. The 34th District will have a real choice in the general election. Both candidates have begun to address the absurd level of tax transfer from Northern Virginia to elsewhere in the state. However, in this area, Mr. Hunt clearly has more momentum. For example, here are two of his four goals from his web site:

    (3) Transform the Northern Virginia legislative delegation into a “caucus” that works more closely and productively across party lines on achieving major legislation.

    (4) Achieve more state support for schools (relative to local support)

    Wow! Finally! Get the politicians from Northen Virginia working as a voting block against the “we’ll spend your money” interests in some parts of the state. And … keep more of the tax money raised in Northern Virginia in Northern Virginia.

    I have been espousing both of these beliefs for far longer than Dave Hunt has been a candidate.

    It’s very refreshing to see a non-incumbent willing to take on the entrenched big party politics and actually represent the residents of his district.

    I can only hope that Ms. Vanderhye comes to see the wisdom of this focus on restoring fairness to the taxpayers of Northern Virginia. If so, it will be a great election. If not, she will lose and lose badly.

  4. Anonymous Avatar

    If there is anger at Allen for supporting incuments who had supported him, it only underlines that the party is run now by morons. Complete freaking morons. Absurd tests of ideological purity and rampant religious fanaticism have driven most of us off our county committees, away from the precinct captain rolls, and have us hanging up on donor calls.

    Perhaps this is the natural cycle. The inmates take over the asylum, burn it down, and then reasonable people can rebuild.

    Good luck on school funding, Northern Virginia. Trish Stall, potential senator from Newport News, wants to eliminate all public funding for schools. When that happens, the arguments about splitting the pie will no longer matter, will they?

  5. Groveton Avatar

    Anon 1:50:

    Eliminate all public funding for schools? Wow. I guess I need to pay more attention to the elections in Newport News. Seems hard to understand how Ms. Stall’s ideas would “foot with” federal policy and law. Of course us rich, fat cats in NOVA will just pay to send our kids to school. So, if Ms. Stall cuts our taxes by more than it costs to send our kids to school – maybe she’s on to something. Just kidding, sort of.

    As for the Republiclowns being run by “complete freaking morons” – absolutely. Unfortunately, the Democrats are about the same. I held out some hope for the Unity08 guys but they seem adrift. I even saw a TV ad for AARP pleading for an end to the party-based bickering.

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