Petty Partisanship

Just when you thought everyone had dropped the “droopy drawers” bill, somebody picks it up again, waves it, and we plunge back into a paroxysm of petty partisanship.

Barnie Day told the true story of this bill some time ago: a well-meaning Delegate offered a ill-advised bill, a colleague castigated him, and a chain of events was set in motion that had a majority vote for the bill as a protest against the castigation. This wasn’t an issue of partisanship. It was an issue of collegiality.

Apparently a recent editorial on Texas cheerleaders (don’t ask) in the Richmond Times-Dispatch ended by essentially laying the blame for the “droopy drawers” bill on Democrats. Knowing the truth of the matter, that was a cheap shot. Well, let no cheap shot go unanswered.

Today the Richmond Times-Dispatch “Correspondent of the Day” is former Delegate Chip Woodrum, also privy to the real story of the bill. Does Woodrum decry the misrepresentation of the bill as a partisan matter? No, his “na na na booboo” letter advises the “too tight bow tie” editorial staff that a majority of Democrats voted against the bill, while a majority of Republicans voted for it.

I’m glad each side has fired its broadside so we can go back to the important issues, like Accent-gate.

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  1. Steven Avatar

    I’m so confused.

    First, retired Democratic House member Barnie Day addresses the issue forthright…

    Now, retired Democratic House member Chip Woodrum turns the tables on the ‘Pubs…

    But wait a second.

    The Blue Dog thought Delegate Frank Hall was supposed to lead the charge and the rhetoric assaults for the minority Democrats in the House.

    Unless the Democratic minority leader in the House of Delegates, Frank Hall, voted in favor of Democratic ‘droopy drawers’ legislation.

    No doubt, it’s another ‘profile in courage’ for the legislative record books.

    ~ the blue dog

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