Party Poopers

So my first BR column is up. And of course, there’s a lot more I’d like to add to it.

Like a different photo of me. One where I don’t look like Garrison Keillor’s bastard son.

But more to the point, after doing some additional reading on conservatives and their discontents, I stumbled across this passage in Ryan Sager’s “The Elephant in the Room.” It adds some additional, and not entirely complimentary, light on the various and several pouts of Richard Vigeurie:

In the years before the organization of the Evangelicals, a related group of conservatives, known as the New Right, had been seeking political fortune. Led in part by direct-mail pioneer Richard Vigeurie, this band became extremely dissatisfied with the Republican Party after Nixon’s resignation and Ford’s choice of Nelson Rockefeller as his vice president. They were so mad, in fact, that they agitated openly for a social-conservative alliance with the Democratic Party, or for conservative Democrats to join conservative Republicans in starting a third party.

Their agitation fell apart when Ronald Reagan said “no.”

So the latest Vigeurie, et al, stirring is in many ways just a 30 year old retread. But there are some critical differences this time, the most glaring of which is someone of Reagan’s stature to talk people off the ledge. For all their other attributes, Rudy, John, Mitt and the rest just don’t have the same hold on the conservative imagination. And folks like Sam Brownback, Duncan Hunter, Tom Tancredo and, yes, our own Jim Gilmore may have “it” to a very small degree. But the chances of any of them becoming the GOP nominee — let alone one that galvanizes conservatives nationwide — are on the wrong side of none.

Who could be that shining, Reaganite knight? George Allen was supposed to be the one, but instead of the Gipper, we got Bill Buckner. Fred Thompson? Well, he’s pretty smooth with a teleprompter. But he’s not in (yet). And what of (libertarian) internet darling Ron Paul?

Not going to happen.

Until that magic someone appears who can calm the angry conservative beast, unite its warring factions under a single banner and sound an optimistic message for the future, conservatives will either become more disconnected from the GOP and thus eager to form a long-threatened “third force” or…they may simply back away from politics entirely.

They should pack along a copy of “Waiting for Godot,” just in case.

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6 responses to “Party Poopers”

  1. Dr. Frankenstein Avatar
    Dr. Frankenstein

    James Gilmore could have done it but darn it some pediophilic pediatric surgeon performed a personalectomy on him at an early age.

  2. Groveton Avatar

    From the post …

    “Until that magic someone appears who can calm the angry conservative beast, unite its warring factions under a single banner…”

    That magic someone is already here. Her name is Hillary.

    If she’s not enough to get the conservatives in order then all is lost.

  3. Anonymous Avatar

    Why does Hillary like shoe shopping?

    It’s a way she can a man to tell her she’s a 10.

  4. James Atticus Bowden Avatar
    James Atticus Bowden

    Sometimes events make the man of the hour. In the fullness of time, things come together.

    Some might argue that Martin Luther was more the right guy at the right time for the Reformation than the guy who changed history.

    Likewise, for so many others – Cromwell, George Washington, Lincoln, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Ghandi, etc.

    Fun stuff for historians to chat, or bicker, by the hour.

    Illegal immigration, the Long, Long War (WW IV), and ACW II (in one of the manifestations of cultural cleansing of Christianity) may come to boil.

    If Hillary wins in 08, many Conservative Christians trust in the Lord and the United States of America to survive her for 8 years, just like surviving her husband (even though she is more dangerous).

  5. Barnie Day Avatar
    Barnie Day

    Good post, Norm. Know how you feel. Some days I’m tempted to start a thing I’d call ‘The Democratic Wing of the Democratic Party.’ Damn the homogenization.

  6. Perrie Avatar

    It appears that you think form will once again triumph over substance. Perhaps conservatives are simply waiting for Hannity to make up is mind.

    As for me, I’ll take substance any day, which is why I’m behind Ron Paul 100%.

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