CNN say’s 75 percent of the voters want to throw the bums out.

Well known political analyst Brewster Rockit goes one better:

“Don’t Let the Bums in.”


With Federal mid-term elections looming tomorrow and important contests facing voters in many states, please memorize The ANTIPARTISAN VOTERS GUIDE – YEAR ONE.

The ANTIPARTISAN VOTERS GUIDE for the inaugural year of the AntiPartisan campaign can be reduced to four simple rules:

1. If the incumbent is a Donkey Clan member, vote for the Elephant Clan candidate UNLESS there is a creditable non-aligned candidate* who can win.

2. If the incumbent is an Elephant Clan member, vote for the Donkey Clan candidate UNLESS there is a creditable non-aligned candidate* who can win.

3. If the office in question is ‘open,’ vote for the Donkey Clan member, UNLESS there is a creditable non-aligned candidate* who can win.

4. In the rare instance where there are two creditable non-aligned candidates* who can win and one is a lawyer, vote for the other one.

*‘Non-aligned candidates’ include all candidates who have formally and irrevocably renounced partisan Clan affiliation.


On the first two rules:

Most voters would feel better about themselves if they voted for someone they believed REALLY wanted to make the world a better place for someone besides the candidate, his / her Clan and the Clan’s financial backers. However, it is not prudent to waste votes on someone who has no chance of winning UNLESS the candidate is an avowed AntiPartisan candidate that supports Fundamental Transformations. In this case, every vote WILL count, even if the candidate does not win.

On the third rule:

Voting for the Donkey Clan candidate in open contests will avoid the GRIDLOCK that would result from a Donkey Clan administration and Elephant Clan legislature at the Federal level. Citizens of the US do have two years to waste on more governance gridlock.

One should not worry that a single Clan would control both administration and legislature. The goal, for reasons spelled out below, is Transformation, NOT gridlock. Voting out ALL the Clan-aligned incumbents will send a clear enough message that Business-As-Usual is not an acceptable strategy.

On the fourth rule:

Shakespear stated the proper strategy with respect to lawyers and he was centuries ahead of the most egregious problems caused by ‘the bar.’ However, the Bard’s strategy must be broadened to reflect 21st century reality:

Society must evolve to rely the actions of citizens, not the actions of agents, surrogates and unaccountable / unresponsive ‘representatives.’

With respect to governance, citizens must have representatives who understand the need for solutions that meet the needs of the vast majority, NOT representatives who are trained in the art of advocacy for client that are, by definition, WRONG HALF THE TIME.

It is clear that the enlightened interest of the vast majority of citizens INCLUDES respecting the legitimate interests of ALL minorities.

Note: These rules reflect the view voters in ‘swing districts’ as documented by “In Swing Districts, Old is Out and New is In: Seniority no longer prized as more voters demand results.” WaPo 15 October 2010 Page A-1. The key problem will come from entrenched candidates.

Some suggest term limits would address the problem of entrenched Clan candidates. Term limits are nothing more than an excuse to postpone Fundamental Transformations in governance structure.

It is the STRUCTURE that is the problem. It matters far less WHO is in office.

Within a transformed governance structure, term limits would be an integral component of any fair the system. That is not because term limits remove dead wood but because they encourage office holders to change venues, change perspectives and change Estates.

In addition, term limits would provide an incentive for those with good ideas and initiative to move up – from Community manager to Regional cabinet member to MegaRegional legislator to Continental chief executive – even it they do not change Estates.


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(comments below)


21 responses to “ONE MORE DAY”

  1. When we all live by rigid rules, how will we evolve?

  2. So, I voted today, and came away with the feeling it won't make a bit of difference.

    Even if the guy I voted for gets elected, he is going to do as he damn well pleases.

  3. James A. Bacon Avatar
    James A. Bacon

    I guess I followed EMR's Rule No. 2. I live in a district with an incumbent Republican (Eric Cantor) who has no Democratic Party opposition, only two ill-funded independent candidates. I voted for one of the independents. I doubt there will be many who vote like I did, but I'd like Cantor to know that voters are keeping him on a short leash.

  4. Andrea Epps Avatar
    Andrea Epps

    Although I have no reason not to trust the registrar's office, and I'm sure there is some system of checks and balances for calibrating the machines, something bothered me this year more than most, for whatever reason.
    I stood staring at the ballot much longer than usual. (yes, I did my homework) I made my choices also knowing it wouldn't matter, took the ballot and fed it into the machine and watched as the counter went from #550 to #551,which was me.
    As I took my little sticker, I wondered if the machine had counted my vote correctly. It doesn't provide me any confirmation of who I voted for. Why?
    It really bothered me. How do I know the machine gave my vote to the person I voted for? I don't.
    It gave me an uneasy feeling.

  5. Well, if you had a paper ballot and handed it to someone to count, how would you know if they conted it correctly? Maybe there are twoe people, one tocheck the other, but then how do you know they are not in collusion?

    I think by now we know how to make a machine tht can count. Of course they might be collusion to make one tht counts wrong, but you would have to make many of them count wrong, and it would be a much bigger collusion.

    I don't put much stock in conspiracy theories. Most people are not smart enough to pull one off.

  6. Groveton Avatar

    Interesting post from JAB.

    I followed a somewhat similar process.

    Ever since Frank Wolf wasted $15M of our money on the Journey Through A Hollowed Out Economy (sometimes known as The Journey Through Hallowed Ground) I vowed to vote for his opponent.

    This year I had to choose between Bill Redpath (Libertarian) and Jeff Barnett (Democrat).

    Peter and LarryG will be happy to know that 100% of my votes this election went to the Democratic Party.

    EMR will be happy to know that I voted against the tax-and-spend Republican incumbent.

    Everybody deserves a happy retirement. It's time for Frank Wolf to start his.

  7. Andrea Epps Avatar
    Andrea Epps

    (Apologies to the post for unrelated content) I'm not a conspiracy theorist, by any means. I do remember back in 2000 when machines in certain states were programmed to change votes. That was evidence included as part of the Bush v. Gore fiasco.
    My point was simply that since we have this technology, I don't see the harm in the machine spitting out a confirmation slip. Voters should be able to verify their votes…if they choose to.

    Unrelated topic:I know nothing about this at all. The following is not intended to suggest that I do:
    This race isn't in my district, but Mr. Hurt is suing for over a million dollars. League of Conservation Voters stands by it's ad.

    I think this has the potential to evolve into a bigger issue??? looking for the experts here?? Jim? Larry? Groveton? Peter???

    Back to the post:) I also followed EMR's Rule No 2, for the same reason Jim did. I appreciate the creativity and humor of the post.

  8. I agree, a confrmation slip would be good. You would need to deposit it in a box before you left the polling place though.

  9. I voted for Rich Waugh for the same reason Jim voted similarly.

    I'm curious to see what the percentage is of the "not for Cantor" vote.

    I think there probably is a way to validate the votes by random checking and the use of unique reference numbers on paper "receipts".

    Ray is right also. There is no assurance that paper ballots get counted right either.

    And I'm sure we ALL remember the spectacle of the Florida recount with the hanging chads.

    I'm not sure what to make of Groveton voting Democratic's gotta be some kind of unnatural perversion…I'm sure.

    I can hardly wait to hear the Republican Congress offer up it's legislation for balancing the budget come January….

    looking forward to it… 🙂

    but I know we're going to see some histrionics and I predict an "anti-death panel" bill in short order.

    I hope it also applies to private insurance companies.

  10. Andrea Epps Avatar
    Andrea Epps

    No problem with leaving the slip behind. I was a counter for many local races…no way I'd go with counting and the "Chad" (singular and the plural)

    Three minutes to go…I've got the local real time up on the other screen.

    For some reason I'm really worried about the future.

  11. James A. Bacon Avatar
    James A. Bacon

    Er.. my wife informs me that there is a Democrat running against Eric Cantor — and she voted for him. The guy is such a non-entity that I took him for an independent. My bad.

    For all the liberals and Demos out there, you can take comfort in the fact that every vote I cast will be canceled out by my wife's!

  12. James A. Bacon Avatar
    James A. Bacon

    Groveton, I am disconsolate that you did not vote for Bill Redpath, the libertarian candidate. I had an opportunity to give one of my "Boomergeddon" speeches in Herndon, and Redpath followed me. He is a CPA and very articulate on economic and budgetary issues. I feel quite confident that you would have liked him (although, I confess, I do not know his stance on the Dillon rule).

  13. Anonymous Avatar

    Groveton, you make me chuckle. Wolf can be criticized on spending, but Barnett, who is a real nice guy, wants to spend even more expanding Metrorail to Prince William County. As it is, the arrival of the Silver Line will force service cuts on the Orange Line because of capacity limits, especially in the Potomac River tunnel. Further expansion would require another river tunnel. Should we start the bidding at $ 5 billion? Rail is a cash-eating black hole.


  14. Groveton Avatar


    I looked at Redpath. Liked Barnett better. Former Air Force colonel. Worked in technology, wrote books. Good guy. Redpath was hard to get a bead on.

    LarryG – no perversions. I am an independent voter in appearance and in fact. Wolf is a RINO who will pee money away on useless vote buying (and property right denying) schemes like the Road to a Hollowed Out Economy.

    Barnett's support of the Silver Line is quite appropriate. I was growing up in NoVa when the orginial Metro was being built. People put up signs that said "Pay Gas Tax Now, Ride Metro When?". The Metro was built and people ride it.

    All great cities have fine mass transit systems. Dc will too. It will happen because those of us who were born here, who have children born here, who have grandchildren born here will make it a great city. With great mass transportation.

    I have nothing against effective government spending. I am opposed to throwing money in the fireplace.

    Wolf throws money in the fireplace. Barnett tries to make the city a better place.

  15. " All great cities have fine mass transit systems."

    interesting thought –

    this is a key observation.

    No system in the U.S. operates without a pubic subsidy and yet the inefficiency and waste of these govt systems is considered emblematic of why govt should not be doing these kinds of things in the first place – often proffered from those who consider themselves fiscal conservatives.

    So it sounds like to me that Groveton has a view, at least on some things, that believes in the govt doing something even if it does it not cost effectively.

    Further – how much does this contradict the idea that we have too much "big government" and that govt that is closest to the people…yadda yadda….

    I'm just tweaking here a little as usual.

    I've never really understood why we shouldn't charge fares sufficient to cover METRO expenses and I don't believe the oft-supplied answer that "no one would ride it".

    From a pure fiscal conservative point of view – shouldn't we not subsidize unless the recipients are indigent?

    [I'm assuming we're going to get one or more new blog entries on the meaning of the election results]

  16. Hey Groveton – if you were in the 11th district who would you have voted for?

    Same question to TMT.

  17. Groveton Avatar

    I would have voted for Fimian. Some what begrudgingly. Connolly is really a bad choice. However, it appears that Connelly won. Why? Because the anti-immigration Tea Party types in Prince William County insisted on running one of their own instead of Pat Herrity. In the shady Republican primary a few zealots pushed a candidate who had already lost badly to Connolly. A candidate with no political experience. A candidate who comes across as inexperienced, bull headed and too much of a Tea Party insider. In short, a candidate so unlikable he probably couldn't beat the immensely unlikeable Gerry Connolly (there is still some doubt as to the results although it looks more and more certain to be Connolly).

    Pat Herrity would have been a great congressman. But he wasn't Tea Party material. Now we have another term for Gerry Connolly.

    The Tea Party is the biggest Achilles heel for the Republicans. Presuming even a small improvement in the economy over the next two years, the Tea Party extremists will fall far out of vogue. But there will still be those Tea Partiers elected yesterday spending the next two years spewing their psychotic philosophy on every interview and news show. And there will be the same looney tunes of Republican insiders voting in primary conventions (never elections for the truly insane) to push the next generation of Mad Hatters into the 2012 elections. Only it won't be 2010 anymore.

    John Boehner needs to bring all the Mad Hatters, Cheshire Cats, Red Queens and other assorted nutjobs of the Tea Party over to his house. He needs to lock the doors so they can't get out and say to them, "Listen up you fruit loops – Halloween is over. Our 18 month makeover to change you from political space aliens into politicians who can win a second term starts now.".

  18. sounds like the Tea Pots are the Republicans own version of right wing loons, eh?

    A prediction.

    Most all of Europe has essentially 3 parties.

    The lefty/labor party then two right wing parties.

    One is a moderate fiscal conservative …live and let live social policy party…

    and the 3rd party is hard right on both fiscal and social things.

    I predict that we are headed that way ourselves.

    If they start appearing on ballots as 3 choices… what will happen?

    If Herrity appeared on the ballot as a 3rd choice?

  19. If Metro charged the full cost, no one would ride it. Your average trip ould cost $10 or more. Even if you pay full price for parking, Metro is roughly a toss up in time and money ofver operating your car, now. If Metro charged full price there would be no contest.

    We can have cost effective mass transit, but we would have to reduce the coverage by about 98%. 2% of present mass transit has the ability to pay for itself, according to Winston and Shirley.

  20. Groveton Avatar


    If I paid the full cost of what government provides to me I'd pay a lot less in taxes.

    Everything is subsidized by somebody.

  21. I believe METRO operations are about twice what they take in in fares.

    "Free Parking" is not "free".

    Especially when paid for by taxpayers.

    You make people pay the true cost of parking and all of a sudden, transit gets "cheaper".

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