On the Unlawful Nature of ‘Equity’ in Virginia

by David Gordon

The Democrats wanted a fight over Critical Race Theory (CRT). The Virginia Project and our friends gave them the fight they were begging for — and spanked them so hard they’ll never forget it. When the facts were made known, the public was overwhelmingly against it, across every demographic. Fighting CRT was a clear winner and Virginia’s Republicans rode the issue to success across the state.

However, CRT is merely the root of a much broader structure, one that includes other concepts such as “equity, diversity and inclusion” and “antiracism.” While CRT itself has been purged, with leftist schools and school boards rushing to scrub it from their materials lest they get caught and become the next schools scandal, its products remain deeply embedded — not just in the schools, but all across the state, implemented at the local level.

Critical Race Theory is dead. It’s now time to kill off its hyper-racialist demon spawn, starting with “Equity.”

“Equity” is the new “Critical Race Theory,” and the war to defeat it is rapidly entering into full swing.

[For those who wish to review the structure of Critical Race Theory and its relation to “Equity,” please review our groundbreaking March 2021 presentation on the subject — the one that set off the national debate.]

The basic premise of “equity” is that every individual can be accurately judged by ethnicity alone, that government can and should be making that judgment, and on the basis of that judgment unequally administer the law using these permanent stereotypes.

The concept is not only offensive to reason, but offensive to the law in several major respects; it is more than reasonable to assert that the practice is plainly unlawful and must be not only abolished, but prosecuted where found to be in practice.

First, the 14th Amendment demands equal protection of the laws and all but explicitly forbids the practice of “equity.”

Second, Virginia Code 18.2-485 makes it a Class 4 felony to incite acts of violence by one race against another race — acts most certainly incited in reality, are directly inspired by “equity” ideology, and which we can document endlessly thanks to the 2020 riots and subsequent effects and echoes thereof.

Third, one key element of Critical Race Theory that was not widely enough noted is its explicit rejection of objective reality. That may be all well and good to do in the isolation of academia’s ivory towers, but once money starts changing hands, the rejection of objective reality becomes false advertising and fraud. The snake-oil nature of “equity” can be firmly established from its own creators’ words as well as the reality on the ground that no “equity” program has ever achieved the results it claims to want to achieve.

[It is here I must implore you to crack open that copy of Luke Rosiak’s Race to the Bottom which details, with endless receipts, the essentially fraudulent nature of “equity consulting.”]

“Equity” cannot survive these tests; not in the court of public opinion, nor in a court of law.

What That Means for Virginia

In the past, none of this mattered. A Democrat governor and a Democrat attorney general would never in a million years seek to right wrongs done by an ideology they themselves supported, and it’s hard to imagine any Democrat doing such a thing on any issue. But the miracle of 2021 changed the game. Republican Attorney General Jason Miyares takes these issues very seriously, he has the support of Republican Governor Glenn Youngkin. In a Dillon Rule state, this makes all the difference.

And they are quite serious, as we can see with the special grand jury in Loudoun and two new human rights investigations into Fairfax County schools. They were elected with a mandate to put a stop to these abuses in the schools, they know it better than anyone, and they are faithful to this duty.

Since The Virginia Project was dragged into schools issues, we have been at the forefront of exposing and defeating the infiltration of radical left politics therein. More concerning even now is how much criminal activity is business-as-usual among that crowd. We have become an accidental crime-fighting investigatory agency and are currently pursuing no fewer than seven scandals in Fairfax County alone, currently exposed or to be exposed during this election season.
What we find the Attorney General will know about; his office has already launched investigations and prosecutions as a result of our findings. We take utmost care to do our due diligence so that we continue to be seen as a source of actionable intelligence about Democrats’ crimes spree against Virginians.

Ultimately, the Virginia Project is a political action committee, not a detective agency. However, these needs conflate perfectly with the political demands of the public at large, for the imposition of a reasonable level of law and order in lawless Democrat-run localities, and for reasonable means to pursue justice as a regular and reliable process to be available for redress of grievances. These are basic Constitutional rights, they must be defended to the last, and only Republicans, from executive offices and legislative bodies, will rise to defend them. Any pursuit of justice must thus include removal of Democrats and their replacement with Republicans.

These investigations, along with our other activities — party building, candidate development, election integrity — are able to continue only with your support. The outlook for Virginia Republicans in 2023 is not good at all, and another set of miracles will need to happen in order to get the GOP over the finish line and in full control of the legislature, so that we may finally pass legislation urgently needed by the Commonwealth without Democrat obstructionism.

Virginia Project investigations are the most likely source of the miracles we will need to win in 2023, as our paradigm-altering work in Loudoun in 2021 testifies. Your support can well make the difference between putting an end to the threat of a renewed Virginia Democrat reign of terror, and sealing the deal on Virginia being a Republican state for the foreseeable future.

There will be much more to come and I eagerly look forward to the telling.

Sic Semper Tyrannis

David Gordon is the founder of the Virginia Project, a political action committee dedicated to winning elections for Republicans in Virginia.