No Limit to Human Depravity

From today’s Times-Dispatch:

A man and woman who live in Louisa County face child-endangerment charges after a family member discovered their two young children intoxicated on cocaine last week, authorities said yesterday. … The boys tested positive for cocaine and a prescription drug found in tranquilizers and sleeping pills.

One child was three years old, the other 16 months.

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(comments below)


  1. Anonymous Avatar

    How about manditory insurance for any person or persons who have or raise a child? Let insurance companies pre test all who want to have children.

  2. Anonymous Avatar

    Given the amount of voluntary and involuntary dosing by chemicals, is there anyone who is not on drugs these days?

    Of course, it is depraved. But nothing new.

  3. Larry Gross Avatar
    Larry Gross

    and yet when we have teachers and social workers whose job is to identify and rescue such kids from those kinds of environments.. we bring down the “intrusive” government hammer.

    Who will speak for these kids?

  4. Anonymous Avatar

    Would they have faced such charges if the children were intoxicated on Virginia Bright Leaf cancer sticks?

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