More Proof that People Believe Whatever the Hell They Want to Believe

Ninety-four percent of the 600 Virginia residents polled by a Roanoke College professor believe in God, 87% believe in heaven, and… 47.9% believe pets are admitted into the Pearly Gates.  (Read the poll results here.)

Wow, I am really out of step! I don’t want to start a theological hissing contest, but I have to ask a question about this finding: “A strong majority of Virginia residents (80%) believe in life after death. Even more (87%) believe in heaven.”

Am I missing something here? How can you believe in heaven and not believe in life after death, as 7% of Virginians apparently do? Doesn’t the former presuppose the latter? … Ooh, ooh, I’ve got it. Seven percent of the population must believe that there’s a heaven for pets but not for people!


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13 responses to “More Proof that People Believe Whatever the Hell They Want to Believe”

  1. Andrea Epps Avatar
    Andrea Epps

    “An overwhelming majority of Virginians (94%) believe in God, and 72% of the believers see God as a person with whom people can have a relationship.”

    I am with you Jim. I do not understand how so many people believe in a God they can’t have a relationship with? But my knowledge of religious belief and practice is limited to my quasi-Catholic childhood.

  2. The poll has a seven percent margin of error.

  3. The poll has a seven percent margin of error.

  4. yet a majority of these god-fearing “Christians” support torture.

  5. Groveton Avatar

    I do not see a byline for this article. Therefore, as a practicing Catholic, I will assume that it was written either by the devil or one of his many handmaidens who comment on this site.

    Anybody reading this posting will need immediate spiritual help. Fortunately, Ernest Angley is still alive and well in Cuyohoga Falls, OH at age 90. I am sure he will be willing to force the “evil spirits” out of anybody who has read this article with a good hard head slap and an admonition of, “Evil Spirits! GET OUT!”.

  6. My understanding is that the vast number of people who do not care for Mormons or Muslims, Hispanics or Blacks but do believe we have a manifest destiny to rule the world believe in God and attend church regularly.

  7. Of course people believe in god. And as soon as we can fully give robots Artificial Intelligence, they will believe we are theirs.

  8. Groveton Avatar


    Interesting idea. However, I’ll go you one better …

  9. Andrea Epps Avatar
    Andrea Epps

    Point taken Ray.
    Groveton: You are Catholic so you already know the church must approve any request for exorcism. Or is Earnest ordained? 🙂

  10. Groveton Avatar

    Earnest was a regular on the TV at my fraternity house at UVA. Many a drunken Wahoo was cleansed of “evil spirits” in our “tube room” by spiritualists like Father Groveton administering a solid head slap to the drunken lout. Of course, there were occasions (especially kamikazee night) when Father Groveton needed to have the evil spirits driven out of his head.

  11. Groveton Avatar

    And … as far as I know … nobody was ordained. 🙂

  12. well… at least not in the traditional sense…

  13. Andrea Epps Avatar
    Andrea Epps

    Sounds like a lot of fun. I’m sorry I missed it:)

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