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New Kent Ferment
Pete Johns has found a way to make growth to pay for itself: Pay $7,500 per house in proffers, issue $86 million in CDA bonds, and sell houses to affluent retirees with no children in school.
by James A. Bacon

Leadership in the New Economy
Technology is still propelling the American economy forward. Virginia is doing well in this sector — but not as well as it could.
by Doug Koelemay

What Is Wrong with this Picture?
Yes, the United States does need to invest more money on infrastructure. But without Fundamental Change in human settlement patterns, most of the spending would be squandered.
by EM Risse

Putting the Family back in the “College Family”
One way to make colleges safer is to keep parents informed when their children pose a danger to themselves or others.
by Chris Braunlich

Ten Reasons to Read Rosetta 6.2
Jim Bowden plugs his newly published novel, a spiritual/political thriller set in the near future.
James A. Bowden

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