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That knuckle-dragging, right-wing Richmond Times-Dispatch is at it again. They’ve added a new feature to their op-ed page: profiles of letter to the editor writers. Now they can highlight editorial page editor Ross Mackenzie’s most extreme accolytes breathlessly parroting his wing-nut nostrums.

Ah, but Mackenzie is crafty and calculating.

Today’s first profile is of Jerilyn Fay Collier Kelle whose pet peeve about Richmond is “anti-democratic elitism.” You might expect Ms. Fay Collier Kelle (may I call you Jerilyn? I’m not sure where your last name begins)to discuss education in her letter to the editor, for her career is “Teaching teachers.” Indeed, if she were Governor or Mayor, she would “Not attract businesses whose sole imperative was short-term profit, but provide for the education of our people at any cost.” Can’t tax those short-term profits, can we?

But no. Jerilyn’s jeremiad attacks the very foundation of Mackenzie’s belief system: capitalism. Responding to an obviously Mackenzie-inspired editorial cartoon of the Ten Commandments being hauled off in a trash truck, she writes:

Capitalism, when allowed to become “savage,” trashes the esteemed values both of our democratic public and private lives. When left unbridled, capitalism gives rise to greed and the need to gain ever more by any means necessary, at the expense and impoverishment of others and of our own spirits.

Moreover, it corrupts government decision-making, which destroys the people’s faith in our ability to govern ourselves.

Wow. Mackenzie and the conservative cabal have set this profile feature up magnificently for their own nefarious conspiracy purposes.

The Richmond Times-Disgrace. You need to rant about stuff.

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  1. Will,

    How many “Grandpa Simpson” types did the TD have to suffer through first to find their featured writer today?

    And even so, they still ended up with Lisa “the answer to the question that nobody asked.”

  2. Randian... Avatar

    Perhaps more people need to be asking more questions that nobody else has asked. That’s what makes progress work. Instead of reading quickly and trying to come up with a witty way to poke holes in ideas like Steve Sisson does, how much better would we all be if we at least considered the other person’s idea for value before setting out to discard or discredit it? I must ask, have you read the Marx that you compare to Ms. Kelle? Marx was an atheist who envisioned a utopian society wherein the proletariat would one day usurp the bourgeoisie in an industrial society (Europe) that forced adults and children alike to virtually work themselves to an early death with little or no hope of improving their lot in life. America was intended to be different than Europe in that we are a more “democratic” society. Isn’t that precisely what our President took us to war with Iraq to establish there? Democracy? What Professor Kelle speaks to is the very Christian belief that “Love of money is the root of all evil.” Idolatry of wealth. She’s not promoting Marxism at all, but rather more like, “Helping those who cannot help themselves.”
    Would it be so hard for you to take just a little time to listen, and reflect, before you attack?
    You kind of remind me of the Klingons from Star Trek…

  3. Ray Hyde Avatar

    Well, OK, there is a point to be made about capitalism trashing values. All you have to do is go to a mall and look at all the total, utter crap we sell.

    But at the same time I have aproblem with pwople who trash the idea of short term profits. How are we supposed to have long term profits withour short term ones?

    Do people who say these things go to a job every day that they took with expectation of sustainig a loss?

    Sure. I’d like to be wealthy enough to spend the rest of my life giving awy money, like Bill Gates, but that first requires profit.

  4. Anonymous Avatar

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  5. Anonymous Avatar

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