Introducing… The Wonk Salon

My Boomergeddon project is winding down, so it’s on to the next one. This time, I’m entering the no-spin zone…. I’m not peddling my own opinions and nostrums, I’m peddling those of the brightest minds in the public policy arena: think tank scholars. I strip out all the op-eds and blog posts and digest the best — the backgrounders and research reports.

The Wonk Salon

If you track public policy issues, you can find an abundance of high-quality research and scholarship on the Web. Trouble is, the good stuff gets lost in the blizzard of op-ed punditry and blogorrhea. To stay current you have only two practical choices: Bookmark the websites of dozens of think tanks and scholarly organizations… or visit the Wonk Salon.

We monitor the world of wonkcraft so you don’t have to.

(See the list of organizations we follow.)

The Wonk Salon also provides a decorous forum where policy junkies can discuss the merits of serious scholarship. Few think tanks enable comments on their studies and reports. We do. We also police the comments, deleting profanity, vulgarity, off-topic posts and personal attacks. At the Wonk Salon, we debate ideas — not personalities.

Come check it out!

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4 responses to “Introducing… The Wonk Salon”

  1. Congrats Jim!

    In pursuing "The Wonk Salon", one of your threads was this:

    " How States Can Take the Lead on Health Insurance"

    based on:

    " On the Wings of their Court Victory, States Should Advance Health Care Freedom
    by Robert E. Moffett
    Heritage Foundation"

    which is an interesting area worth exploring especially given our own A.G.'s contention that ObamaCare has, in effect, tried to usurp the State's prerogative.

    what would have been VERY IMPRESSIVE was a one-two punch of Cuccinelli's legal challenge…..

    COMBINED with Bob McDonnell saying that Va would be showing how to do this at the State level without the Feds "interference".

    and yes.. we currently have "assigned risk" insurance for those who cannot obtain conventional auto insurance so why not a health care insurance equivalent?

    Mr. Romney gave that approach a whirl in Massachusetts and if not a spectacular success – did prove that a State is capable of more than wringing it's hands that they Feds are going to run rough-shod over them, eh?

    Anyhow.. I (of course) LOVE the idea of a WONK Blog and I cannot think of a better, more well suited person to lead on the issue!

  2. E M Risse Avatar

    Congratulations Jim.

    Notes to follow.


  3. Gooze Views Avatar
    Gooze Views

    I think the site looks very good: well-designed and easy to navigate
    Best of luck.
    Peter Gauszka

  4. Off topic, maybe, but maybe one of those poicy sheets has something to say about "Buy American"

    There is a histerically funny article at Carpe Diem on this subject:

    "Take The Buy Virginian (Or Your State) Challenge"

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