In Loudoun, Some Good News for Republicans

The exquisite Loudoun County countryside

by Jeanine Martin 

I feel sorry for Governor Yougkin. This has to be one of the worst nights of his life. After doing 100 campaign events, he lost the state Senate and House of Delegates.

Youngkin may need to rethink his future in politics. Although this election wasn’t about him. It was about abortion, always the Democrats’ most important issue. They lied saying Republicans would ban ALL abortions, and probably birth control too. Scaring Democrats always works to get them into the voting booth.

The newly-elected Senate is now 19 Republicans and 21 Democrats. The new House of Delegates is currently 51 Democrats and 48 Republicans. The one outstanding race is expected to go Republican, giving the party a total 49 Republicans. It doesn’t get much closer than that, in both Houses. Results can be found here.

There was some good news for my Loudoun County friends. Our awful commonwealth’s attorney, who won with George Soros’ funding, Buta Biberaj, has been defeated by Republican Bob Anderson, who is currently ahead of her by 1,000 votes. Also great news in Loudoun is that my friend Geary Higgins will be my new Delegate — and  all of our Loudoun Republican Constitutional officers were elected.

The fact that ALL of our Loudoun Constitutional officers were Republican shows some Virginians care about their safety, their money, their courts and their taxes. We are in good hands with them at the helm. If only our voters cared about electing legislators based on concerns like these, rather than abortion being their most important issue, Republicans could have won both Houses. But abortion is the be all and end all for Democrats. They care about nothing else if that issue is on the ballot. Loudoun numbers are here.

Republished with permission from The Bull Elephant.