IG of the Day: Student Loan Defaults


Virginia public universities have among the lowest rates of student loan defaults in the country. Not a surprise considering that Virginia also has one of the lowest unemployment rates. — JAB

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One response to “IG of the Day: Student Loan Defaults”

  1. this “weepy-eyed” liberal is opposed to student loan programs except for critically-needed jobs in the private sector.

    We keep seeing “education” as something that is to satisfy the interests of he student which is fine – until we talk about taxing others to pay for it and then there needs to be a strong nexus between the tax dollars and the “return on investment”.

    I have the same views about high school. The core-academic courses are provided free by the tax-payers. The electives should be on a cost-basis unless they constitute a path to career or a college degree in a field that critical job needs.

    everyone one … if you want self-actuation – but it has no real need in the private sector – pay your own freight.

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