The Wonk Salon, September 16, 2011

Internal Migration Slowing in U.S.National Bureau of Economic Research

Internal migration within the United States has diminished somewhat over the past three decades. The reasons remain elusive — but the “house lock” theory of low housing prices discouraging people from moving does not hold up.

Right-to-Work Wrong Answer for Michigan
Economic Policy Institute
RTW laws lower wages and compensation for union and non-union workers alike. And they do not promote superior state economic performance — of the top 10 highest-unemployment states, seven are RTW states.

Conservation Easements Lag in the South
World Resources Institute
The South accounts for 37% of the nation’s privately owned land but only 18% of its acreage under conservation easement.

Health Reform a Job Killer in Massachusetts
Beacon Hill Institute
Romneycare health reform in Massachusetts is a job killer. The state created 18,300 fewer jobs in 2010, as a result, and economic output was $2.5 billion lower.

Economic Development through Renewable Energy
Southeast Agriculture & Forest Energy Resources Alliance
The Tennessee Renewable Energy and Economic Development Council
was created with the aim of promoting the biofuels sector in Tennessee. The approach can work in other states, too.

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  1. Permanent consoervation easements are illegal in several southern states.

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