Hey Norfolk: Do Kids Really Need Classes In Masturbation?

by Kerry Dougherty

You might think that a mediocre school system where barely half of all schools are fully accredited would put all of its energy and money into academics.

Oh, Bambi, you have no idea how public schools work, do you?

Norfolk School Board – which oversees a division where just 57.1% of the schools are fully accredited – voted 6-1 last night to begin teaching gender ideology, masturbation, sexual identity, homosexuality, abortion and lesbianism in middle and high schools.

Oh, and there will be a fun condom demonstration for all of the kiddies, too!


The curriculum is called “Get Real: Comprehensive Sex Education That Works” and will be directed at kids in grades 6 through 10. It’s published by Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts so you know it won’t contain a whiff of Judeo-Christian values.

According to WTKR, most of the speakers at last night’s meeting were opposed to the expanded sex ed program:

The vast majority of speakers were critical of the curriculum for Norfolk middle and high school students, and believe the focus should be on other areas in schools.

“Get on the academics! Get off the sex,” one resident said before school board members.

Like so many who have pushed back against having an LGBTQ+ agenda foisted on their children by the government, concerned Norfolk parents were ignored by the wokes on the board.

Fox News was the first to report on the new curriculum, which, for the first time will include “explicit details” on oral sex, masturbation, gender identity, gender expression, cisgender and transgender:

Erika Sanzi, director of the parental rights group Outreach for Parents Defending Education, says the proposed curriculum displays “ideological bias.”

“Planned Parenthood is an overtly political organization that managed to get its own curriculum added to the Department of Health and Human Services’ list of ‘evidence-based programs’ in 2015,” Sanzi said in a statement to Fox News Digital.

“Predictably, the 470-page curriculum for middle schoolers, along with its sourcing, quickly reveals itself to be steeped in critical gender theory. Sixth graders are taught to use the term ‘sex assigned at birth’ and by 7th grade, students are immersed in gender lessons that parrot the tenets of gender ideology and attempt to coerce students into becoming allies and advocates for specific causes,” she said.

Priorities. It’s all about priorities. And Norfolk School Board last night demonstrated that its priorities are not academic excellence — or even rising above plodding mediocrity — but “inclusivity” and gender ideology.

I feel sorry for the kids.

Republished with permission from Kerry:Unemployed and Unedited.