“Helen Dragas Gets It”

This just in from Charlottesville:

Teresa Sullivan, president of the University of Virginia, was reinstated after a unanimous vote of the Board of Visitors, including that of Rector Helen Dragas.

The Daily Progress reported that the board also voted unanimously  to support Dragas.

This is a happy ending to an unusual and unnecessary chapter in the leading school’s history. Now, the two women and their board will face any number of far-reaching issues brought up by the two-week-long conflict.

“I want to partner with you,” said Sullivan, whose surprise forced resignation brought one of the largest protests in the school’s history.

Jim Bacon owes me $5 (we did have a bet didn’t we, I forget).


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(comments below)


  1. Sounds like a Mulligan or a “Do-Over” to me. Probably far from the worst possible result.

  2. larryg Avatar

    I’m less indulgent. Dragas had some legitimate concerns but she and the BOV did it wrong. They instituted a palace coup against a leader who had been given a different set of marching orders than the bill of particulars used to oust her.

    Now, why should I have any confidence in this same group to actually implement change in a competent way?

    I think it is demonstrably beyond their abilities. Why they were judging Sullivan, they were demonstrating themselves how to screw up change.

    I’d clean house with the BOV.. they are either feckless or incompetent no matter how “good” their “vision” is.

    We configure our BOVs in Va so that they are Forest Gump boxes of chocolates. When they snooze.. it’s okay.. when they breath fire… oh well.

    I do not think the BOV can be ascertained to have any particular level of competence nor an expectation of such. They are “nice”, “bright”, “connected” people who … may not have a clue and/or the necessary backbone to assert – a level of competence that a paid leader of a University could… and this is a key word… “rely” on. Otherwise, they are a loose cannon that leaders simply need to be mindful of and hope bad stuff does not happen. I’m quite sure Sullivan spent many moments saying “what the….”

  3. reed fawell Avatar
    reed fawell

    Take a look at article posted at: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/michael-bastedo-phd/uva-teresa-sullivan-resignation_b_1628863.html

    While, in my view, there’s a good deal of psycho-babble and stereotyping nonsense in the article, there’s also more than a grain of truth in it, insofar as what was going on behind closed doors between BoV and Dr. Sullivan.

    If so, the BoV and the President need to promise to fully and honestly engage with each other in the future, and overcome all obstacles in doing so, if they are to effectively and honestly work through the Challenges at UVA.

    And UVA also needs to do the same with its Alumni and other Donors. I am receiving Donation requests which I’d like to honor, but can’t. I fear some bad habits have become encrusted over time, even generations perhaps. Apparently UVA does not open it financial books. Is that correct? If so, I find that remarkable for public institution. How can one donate Monies with any confidence in such a case. Where is the Honor is such a lack of good Practice. I hope someone will tell me I am wrong here.

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