Hanger chooses not to advance I-81 bill

With as much political substance as splooge — that creamy white stuff inside a Twinkie — my favorite state Senator, Emmett “Taximaximus” Hanger, has backed off his legislation to stop negotiations between VDOT and STAR Solutions to expand I-81. He presented the bill to the subcommittee, but chose not to put it to a vote.

Hanger said, “Sometimes you can accomplish more in Richmond if you don’t force your hand.”

Other notable Hangeroos:
~ “What I wanted to do is start a dialogue.”
~ “It’s like catching a fast train. You don’t catch it right away, first you slow it down.”
~ “Obviously, we started a conversation.”

Poppycock! Mr. Do-Nothing been singing the same old, tired tune about changing the state song for nine years.

What’s the real deal with Hanger’s withdrawal of the anti-Haliburton controlled Star Solution legislation, perhaps, a cushy 2008 White House appointment in the makings?

Conceivably, Emmett Hanger appointed as U.S. Secretary of Paradoxical Fees and Regulations … and his taxing buddy, Russ Potts, appointed as the Head of the Federal Bureau of Ex-Sports Announcers.

Hmm … It’s fourth and long for Shenandoah Valley residents.

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  1. Phil Rodokanakis Avatar
    Phil Rodokanakis

    I take it that the Hanger and Potts White House appointments presuppose a Democrat take over in 2008. It also presupposes that Mark Warner would be the Democrat choice for either President or Vice President.

    Aren’t all these assumptions extremely long shots? Perhaps their crystal ball is clear than mine–but then again, these two are not known for their excellence in rational or logical thinking…

  2. Phil — You’re right in some respect. Taint no fiscal conservatives left in Virginny.

    US News & World Report reported Sen. Edward Kennedy while rallying Democrats said, “We cannot become Republican clones.”

    Well those twins sons of different taxing mothers, Emmett Hanger and Russ Potts, must have been listening to Big Teddy because …

    GOP elected officials in the valley have told the Blue Dog that State Senator Hanger went to the local school board to discuss more “revenue enhancements” — but also discussed meeting with Harry Byrd about an independent run for the Lt. Gov. seat in the Commonwealth.

    Ooh-la-la! I am not kidding either. Potts has been rumored to have done the same.

    Hanger and Potts could become the adminis-traitors for a state bureau-idiocracy that is controlled by special interests and dominated or led by abject idiots, who feed off Virginia taxpayer dollars.

    An anti-tax friend suggested I call Emmett and Russ “Green Dogs” because they made him sick to his stomach. Because when a true leftist says government needs to “invest” or “enhance,” he really means “tax” and any suggestion that state government is assisting the economy and free market …

    Are simply Orwellian, or Marxist at best?

    Pick your poison, Phil. There’s plenty of Kool-Aid for everyone, but the statistics on fiscal sanity are that one out of every four individuals is suffering from some sort of tax and spend illness. Think of your three best friends, if they’re okay, then it’s you.

    But I really need to start saving the good stuff for the column.

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